Tresorit Review


€9.99/month 500 GB

Pricing & Plans


Ease of Use


File Syncing


File Sharing


Retrieving Files






Additional Features



  • 14-day trial of paid plans
  • Swiss privacy laws & Client-side encryption
  • Amazing down/upload speeds
  • Good sharing options
  • Well made applications
  • Great organisation of your files


  • Limited free storage
  • Quite expensive

Tresorit Review

Tresorit is a Swiss company that offers cloud service to personal and business users. The two personal plans that they offer are the Premium and Solo plan. Their cloud service is very easy to use and keeps your files organised. Syncing speeds are incredible, and so are the sharing features. They have also recently updated its service to include a file recovery system. I believe it’s also safe to say that Tresorit offers one of the best security and privacy solutions. Your files and your privacy is protected by the Swiss privacy laws, which are known for its resistance against the foreign surveillance and data warrants. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect as you’ll see during this Tresorit review.

The two plans they offer for personal users are very expensive when compared to other best cloud storage providers which is unfortunate since they have the potential to become one of the best cloud storages for personal users.

Read the full Tresorit review down below.

Tresorit Alternatives

#ServiceRatingDescriptionPaid PlanGo To


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pCloud is a great cloud service that takes pride in offering the highest protection available (client-side encryption included) with amazing syncing solutions. It was also the first cloud storage to introduce innovative LIFETIME plans. It is easy to use and is one of the best cloud storage solutions on the market. 10 GB of free storage.

$4.99/month 500 GB

Go to pCloud

Read review is a Canadian cloud storage that utilizes the Zero-knowledge principle. It offers unparalleled privacy and security (via client-side encryption) with great syncing, sharing and file retrieving solutions. 5 GB of free storage.

$8/month 2000 GB

Go to


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Icedrive is a UK cloud storage with a main focus on the security of your files. They achieve that with Twofish client-side encryption which certainly raises a few eyebrows. A slick-looking minimalistic design combined with great mobile apps and interesting LIFETIME plans makes them an interesting choice! 10 GB of free storage.

€4.99/month 1000 GB

Go to Icedrive


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MEGA offers a secure cloud storage with client-side encryption. It has a modern/responsive interface. The online support is limited and down/upload speeds could be better. 15 GB of free storage.

€4.99/month 400 GB

Go to MEGA


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Tresorit protects your files with Swiss privacy laws and client-side encryption. It has amazing syncing speeds, sharing options and excells in pretty much all other areas but takes the bullet with very expensive and uncompetitive prices. 3 GB of free storage.

€9.99/month 500 GB

Go to Tresorit

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Pricing & Plans
Who is it for?
Ease of use
File syncing
File sharing
Retrieving files
Online support
Additional features

Tresorit Features

Pricing & Plans
Free storage 3 GB
Free trial 14 days
Lifetime plans
Payment methodsCredit card, PayPal
Ease of use
Open in-browser Office, PDF, Images
Edit in-browser
Mobile apps Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry
File syncing
Supported systems Windows, macOS, Linux
Imaginary drive
Sync folder
Block-level file sync
Selective sync
Sync any folder
File sharing
Share download links
Link password protection
Link expiration dates
Link branding Business+ plans only
Link download limits
Link stats
Share upload links
Share folders
Set folder permissions
Retrieving files
File versioning system
Trash bin
Rewind feature
Server location EU, Ireland
HIPAA Compliance
Encryption protocol 256-bit AES
At-rest encryption
In-transit encryption
Client-side encryption
Zero-knowledge privacy
Two-factor authentication
Online support
FAQ base
E-mail support
Live chat support
Phone support Business+ plans only

Pricing & Plans

Tresorit has a very simple, yet interesting array of plans for you to choose from. They offer you a free trial of their “Premium” plans after which you can decide to either become a full member by paying the fee or automatically switch to the free plan. The trial lasts for 14 days, which gives you enough time to fully test the service. In case you decide not to upgrade after 14 days, you’ll receive a very limited free plan called the “Basic plan”.

For Individuals

Per Month
3 GB storage
2 devices
Per Month
500 GB storage
5 devices
Per Month
2500 GB storage
10 devices

Their plans also come at discounts if we choose to commit for yearly plans. The premium plan then instead of €9.99/month costs €7.99/month and the solo plan €19.99/month instead of €24.99/month.

Major comparison points between basic, premium & solo

Storage3 GB500 GB2500 GB
Max file size500 MB5 GB10 GB
Shared link max file size250 MB2 GB5 GB
Number of shared links10UnlimitedUnlimited

VAT is still applied to the prices they listed, accordingly to where you live. (If you live outside EU you won’t have to pay any VAT).

Tresorit offers no lifetime cloud storage plans. It’s needless to say that Tresorit doesn’t belong to the cheapest cloud storage providers.

Who is it for?

Tresorit is a viable pick for people that are willing to pay some extra money to receive quality cloud service. I would advise you to go for it if you’re planning to use it for your business. That is what Tresorit focuses on as well. When comparing with other cloud services for personal users, it comes out more expensive. It does offer some unique features like excellent security and outlook integration. However, there are cheaper alternatives out there which offer similar features. Find the best personal cloud storage here.

Ease of use

Setting up your account is relatively easy, just like with other cloud storages. That comes with one exception. You will have to provide your bank details to open your account. When starting you’re given a free trial to one of their two plans (Premium or Solo). After 14 days you’ll be charged to continue your premium plan, or you can cancel it and receive the free limited plan. You can also go for the free plan right from the start.

Tresorit is a bit different from other cloud storages. They have implemented the so-called Tresors which act as separate folders to which you can upload files and share with other people. I like the system a lot because it’s so simple and allows you to keep everything organised.

The interface looks very modern and straightforward, making it easy to work with – Even for a newbie.

Tresorit Review Interface

File previews & edits

Tresorit allows you to preview Office and PDF documents directly in the browser (no edits). You can also preview images but can’t listen to music and watch videos from the browser.

File syncing

The Tresorit application is available to you on Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

The application allows you to easily access the files on the cloud directly from your desktop without the need to open your browser.

Download and upload speeds are amazing. I’ve done some heavy testing and came up with great results. Can’t praise Tresorit enough on this as it is amazing. Syncing speeds are also great. Everything is done without problems and very fast. There is also no limit on their side regarding the down/upload speeds.

Tresorit Review Desktop Client

The application itself is also well made. You can do pretty much everything in it that you can do in the browser. You also select which Tresors you want to be synced on your device which makes organising your files a simple task.

There are also plenty of settings through which you can personalise your Tresorit application like limit transfer speed limits, proxy settings, notifications,…

The imaginary drive that is created shows all the files available in the cloud but doesn’t take up any space. When you then decide to use a certain file it gets downloaded and allows you to use it.

Tresorit Review Selective Sync

That can be inconvenient with larger files (waiting times) which is why Tresorit supports selective sync. You can easily select specific folders (tresors) to be synced to your device which will make them available for offline usage (as well as being available at a moments notice).

File size limits depend on the pricing plan you’re using and are listed in the comparison table under “Pricing & plans”.

Tresorit does not support block-level sync. The zero-knowledge principle and client-side encryption simply make that feature impossible. Block-level sync enables faster uploads of already existing files by dividing them into smaller pieces and uploading only the changed parts.

You are also able to sync any folder on your device via the Tresorit desktop client. You shouldn’t use Tresorit as a cloud backup solution though, take a look at our best cloud backup services list for that.

File sharing

I must admit that Tresorit staff did their homework when they were developing their sharing features. There are two ways that you can use to share your files. If you wish to establish a long-lasting connection with one of your colleagues you can just share a Tresor with him. You can also give him different permissions (Manager, Editor, Viewer).

Tresorit Review Invite With Email

Or you can just share any file or Tresor directly through a link. The options that you get with that are quite surprising:

Tresorit Review Link Settings
  • Open count limit (1 to 1000 downloads)
  • Expiration – Set an expiration date to your sharing link
  • Password protect your sharing link
  • Detailed access logs
  • E-mail verification

The person downloading your files doesn’t need a Tresorit account which is also great.

And the most important thing: There’s no monthly bandwidth limit which means people can download from your links without restrictions (Premium&Solo).

The size limit of shared files is 5 GB.

Tresorit also allows you to create “File requests” which basically serve as “Upload links“. Both an expiration date and e-mail validation can be set for these (but not password protection, open count limit,…).

Tresorit Review Request Files

Retrieving files

Versioning system is an essential functionality with every cloud storage. Tresorit does a good job when making sure that you can access previous versions of your files. You can recover up to 10 versions with the Premium plan for up to 90 days and that increases to unlimited if you upgrade to the Solo plan.

Tresorit Review Versioning

Tresorit recently updated their file recovery system. From now on you can delete files and recover them later at any point in time. Your files don’t get deleted permanently unless you choose to do so.

Tresorit Review FileRestore


Security is the one part of Tresorit for which they claim to be top-notch. You are protected from foreign surveillance and data warrants by Swiss privacy law.

End-To-End Encryption: Encryption and decryption are done on the client-side (just like with pCloud and That means only you and people authorised by you have access to your files. All data is encrypted by keys that only you possess.

Zero-knowledge authentication: Tresorit doesn’t store your password which furthermore increases the security of your files in case their database gets compromised. That also means it’s a problem if you forget it. You can retrieve your password in case you’re still logged in in one of your devices. If that is not the case, your files will be lost forever.

Encrypted link: When you share a file with somebody through a link, that link contains an authentication token inside, enabling the receiver to open your files. However, the decryption key is stored in the link and is never sent to Tresorit servers.

Redundant storage: All files that you upload to their cloud are then mirrored to multiple storage devices, which prevents data loss due to hardware failure.

Tresorit is compliant with ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA.

Tresorit runs in Microsoft Azure data centres in Ireland which are under constant monitoring and physical protection.

2-Step Verification: Users can improve their security by enabling this feature. Additional confirmation is required when signing in via voice call, text message, dedicated app or an email.

I believe it’s safe to say you don’t need to worry about trusting these guys with your files. All of the features listed above make them one of the most secure cloud storage providers on the web. You can read more about their security here.

Online support

Tresorit offers an extensive FAQ base which contains detailed answers to various questions. These answers are well prepared and responded in a “Tutorial” fashion. If you’re still left with additional questions, you can always submit a request, and they’ll answer you shortly. Live chat is also available for all Individual plans. Phone support is available for businesses only.

Tresorit Review FAQ

Additional features

Outlook integration

You can integrate Tresorit with Outlook. That gives you a lot of shortcuts and makes it easy to share your files safely through your e-mail. This is a cool feature and one I would definitely use. This plugin is currently available only for Windows users.

Tresorit Review Outlook

Mobile Application

Tresorit application is available to you on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.

The application itself looks great and works like a charm. You can do everything within the application that you can do on your desktop. You can even enable automatic upload of your photos which is, let us be honest, a regular feature with cloud storages nowadays.

Tresorit Review App
Tresorit Review App2
Tresorit Review app3


All in all, Tresorit doesn’t fail to deliver on its promises. They offer great security and privacy, combined with very decent syncing and sharing options which allow you to work with your files easily. Applications for desktop and mobile devices are well made, making it easy for you to access files anywhere. Apart from that Tresorit allows you to keep your files very well organised which is always important.

Their primary focus so far was to deliver a great cloud service for businesses. I truly do hope that they will set more competitive prices on their personal plans and that way become one of the best cloud storages for personal users. Until then, I believe you can get a cheaper alternative with similar features.

Hopefully, we’ve gone through everything that you wanted to know about Tresorit within this Tresorit review. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to ask them in the comments section down below and I’ll answer them shortly!

7 thoughts on “Tresorit Review”

  1. Hi, Does Tresorit allow you to work from a virtual drive (with files not actually stored on your harddrive) like pcloud does?

  2. A bit expensive price but with great up/down speeds, somehow I think this tresorit is more suited for companies. But their highest level plan is called solo lol!

    But putting that asides Dejan, what do you think the c comparison between tresorit vs google drive? I’m a hard gmail user and most probably will upgrade to increase my mail storage as well as cloud storage. I just would like to know the performance difference between these two services (the google one is much cheaper of course loll)

    1. Dejan Administrator

      Hello Isaac,

      Yes, as I mentioned in the review, the prices are a bit expensive when compared with other cloud storages. The highest level plan is indeed solo – For personal users. If you’re a business user check out the business review here.

      Regarding Google Drive – If you’re a hard gmail and are enjoying the benefits of being able to edit documents like Excel, Word online then you should probably stick with it. I would suggest you look at the Google review here as well and decide which one suits you best. They both have their own special little things, with Tresorit being more expensive.

      Have a good day!


  3. Thanks for your comprehensive review of Tresorit Cloud Storage.

    I just recently bought a new windows 10 laptop and Microsoft OneDrive provides 5 gigabyte free storage. I am thinking if I do really need a bigger cloud storage. With Tresorit having 100 gigabytes is a good offer.

    Is there any cheaper alternative out there that offers similar features?

    I will bookmark your site for future reference.

    1. Dejan Administrator

      Hello there,

      OneDrive comes with pretty much all the laptops that have Win 10 installed nowadays. It’s not easy to remove either. Well I would remove it since there are better alternatives out there. Tresorit is definitely one of them.

      There are cheaper alternatives out there, I would suggest you go through this list and find the one which is best suited for you.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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