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Encrypto Review - Featured Image

Encrypto Review

Encrypto is one of the most reliable encryption software application programs that have been developed in the market in recent years. It is primarily being used by the people in order to keep their confidential information private from the prying eyes of hackers and intelligence gathering agencies. This particular encryption software application program has actually been created and released in the market by MacPaw Inc. in May 2015. Read the full Encrypto Review to learn more now!

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Folder Lock Review - Featured Image

Folder Lock Review

Folder Lock is one of the most efficient and one of the most reliable encryption software application programs that has been widely available in the market in recent years. As a matter of fact, many people are trusting this particular software program since it has actually been developed by a company which existed for more than 2 decades already. In case you are still not aware of, Folder Lock is actually created by NewSoftwares LLC as early as 2004. However, I would like to inform you that NewSoftwares LLC has already existed 3 years prior to the creation of the encryption software. In fact, NewSoftwares LLC was actually created in 2001. This basically means that the company behind the success of Folder Lock is actually much older than Facebook which is everyone’s favorite social media platform. Read the entire Folder Lock Review to learn more now!

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AxCrypt Review - Featured Image

AxCrypt Review

AxCrypt is one of the most reliable encryption software programs you will ever see in the cybersecurity industry as of the moment. As a matter of fact, the first version of AxCrypt was initially released in the market as early as 2001. This particular encryption software program was originally designed and conceptualized by Svante Seleborg when he found out that there is still no way to send, receive and share confidential data over the internet at that point in time. Read the entire AxCrypt Review to learn more now!

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VeraCrypt Review - Featured Image

VeraCrypt Review

VeraCrypt is an encryption software application program that exists in the cybersecurity market for almost a decade already. As a matter of fact, the VeraCrypt encryption software program has been initially developed by a French-based company called IDRIX on June 13, 2013. The company was founded by a person named Mounir Idrassi and served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the business organization. Read the entire VeraCrypt Review to learn more now!

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NordLocker Review - Featured Image

NordLocker Review

NordLocker in one of the newest encryption software application programs in the cybersecurity industry. One unique feature of this particular encryption software program is that it has its own cloud storage platform. This is a type of capability which you can’t regularly see with the encryption software programs available in the data security industry. Read the entire NordLocker Review to learn more now!

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Cryptomator Review - Featured Image

Cryptomator Review

Skymatic GmbH decided to initially roll out the Cryptomator encryption software to the public 2 years later on March 9, 2016. Later that year, Cryptomator won an award on CeBIT as the encryption software has been praised for its high level of information privacy as well as usable information security. In case you are not still aware of, CEBIT is annual trade fair showcasing recent developments and innovation in the information industry. This is the reason I certainly believe the Cryptomator is the real deal. As of this moment, Skymatic GmbH has a registered business address at Grantham-Allee 2-8, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany. The same place has been the company’s headquarters in recent years. Read the entire Cryptomator Review to learn more about this free encryption software program.

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Boxcryptor Review - Featured Image

Boxcryptor Review

Boxcryptor is one of the most reliable encryption software programs that has been developed in the data security industry. It has been developed by Secomba GmbH in Germany. The company has been incorporated in 2011 when Boxcryptor has also been originally conceptualized. This is based on the records that I have actually found online. On top of that, I also discovered that there are now more than 500,000 users of this encryption software program since it has first been released in the market. Read the entire Boxcryptor Review to learn more now!

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