About Me

About Me

Welcome!, my name’s Dejan Miladinović, the founder and owner of Cloudstorageinfo.org for the past years.

I have been using computers and external storage devices for as long as I can remember. Most of us still remember the floppy disks and tapes that were popular a while ago. Then came the CD’s and DVD’s which completely wiped out the use of magnetic tape as the recording format. Soon after that, we received USBs and external hard drives. What completely changed the way we save our data is online storage that came into public use in 2005/06. I personally started using it in 2009.

I created this website about 4 years ago to help provide information to anyone interested in using cloud services. In my free time, I am also a photographer with a personal collection of about 10.000+ photos&videos. Most of them are pictures with my family and in a way represent my life in total. That is why I take great care to where I have my data and photos stored. Cloud storage is in my experience the safest and most practical way to save your data.

If you have any questions reply to various topics and posts on the website. I always take the time and look at the comments, assisting where I can. You can also contact me via email.

Dejan Miladinović, Founder