Degoo Review



  • Free 100 GB storage
  • Cheap plans
  • Decent web browser experience
  • Okay mobile apps
  • Zero-knowledge system


  • No desktop applications & no file synchronisation
  • Very limited sharing capabilities
  • No file versioning system
  • Has a record of not responding to e-mails/tickets
  • No two factor authentication

Degoo Review

I am not entirely sure what Degoo wants to be – a cloud storage or a cloud backup. And I don’t believe they know either though they have certainly shifted their focus from being a cloud backup provider to storage only in the past years. Their home page states “Top Secret Cloud Drive” but there’s no actual drive to talk of within their service. It seems that their main goal was simply getting people on-board with their smartphone apps. Everything else is fairly abysmal as we will find out in this Degoo review.

Degoo Alternatives

5-10 000 GB
10 GB Free

❌Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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5-6000 GB
5 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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10-10 000 GB
10 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
❌Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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1-8000 GB
1 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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15-16000 GB
15 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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Pricing & Plans
Who is it for?
Ease of use
File syncing
File sharing
Retrieving files
Online support
Additional features

Degoo Features

Pricing & Plans
Free storage 100 GB
Free trial 14 days
Lifetime plans
Payment methodsCredit card
Ease of use
Open in-browser PDF, Office, Videos, Images, Music
Edit in-browser
Mobile apps Android, iOS
File syncing
Supported systems
Imaginary drive 
An imaginary drive allows you to access all of the files that are in the cloud directly from your desktop via an application without taking up local storage space.
Sync folder 
A sync folder allows you to access all of the files that are in the cloud directly from your desktop via an application. Since it synchronises the files to the device, it takes up local storage space.
Block-level file sync
Selective sync 
Selective sync allows you to choose which folders that are located in the cloud should and shouldn't be synchronised to your device.
Sync any folder 
The sync any folder feature allows you to choose any local folder and synchronise it to the cloud without any further actions.
File sharing
Share download links
Link password protection
Link expiration dates
Link branding
Link download limits
Link stats
Share upload links
Share folders
Set folder permissions
Retrieving files
File versioning system
Trash bin
Rewind feature 
The rewind feature allows you to go back in time and inspect your cloud storage as it was in that moment. This enables easy retrieval of files in various scenarios such as malware infection.
Server location US
HIPAA Compliance
Encryption protocol 256-bit AES
At-rest encryption
In-transit encryption
Client-side encryption
Zero-knowledge privacy
Two-factor authentication
Online support
FAQ base
E-mail support
Live chat support
Phone support

Pricing & Plans

Alright, let’s have a look at their plans. Degoo is certainly generous when it comes to their free plan with 100GB of cloud storage for grabs. The free plan is quite limited though as uploading to the cloud via their desktop client simply isn’t possible with it. It’s important to note that you have to access your account every 90 days in order to keep the uploaded files with the free version. You can get a bunch of additional free storage though by:

  • Inviting friends – 500 GB upper limit (+5 GB per friend)
  • Watching ads – Unlimited bonus space (+750 MB per watched ad)

Personally, I am not into these tactics to increase storage space via certain actions. If you’re not either then increasing the storage via a paid plan is the way to go. Degoo is certainly cheap when compared to other cloud storage providers. It supports MasterCard, Visa and AmericanExpress (no PayPal supported).

Degoo also offers lifetime 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 10TB plans which you can check here. I would advise you take a look at other better lifetime cloud storage plans before taking the leap though.

Degoo is certainly cheap but the problem is that it really shows in their feature. I recommend taking a look at other cloud storages that are both better and cheap.

Personal Plans

Per Month
100 GB Online Storage
1 device (no uploads via desktop app)
Per Month
$24..00/year (33% off)
500 GB Online Storage
3 devices
Per Month
$99.99/year (20% off)
10 TB Online Storage
Unlimited devices

Who is it for?

Degoo offers 100 GB of storage for free which is great if you’re okay with below average service. Their paid plans somewhat improve that service but it is nowhere where I would want it to be in terms of file sync, sharing capabilities, file retrieval and support. I seriously recommend looking at other cloud storage or cloud backup providers.

Ease of use

The registration procedure is simple like with all other providers (you can also use Google to register). After completing the registration and logging in you’ll jump into the user interface. The home page of the interface presents you with all of your connected devices which you can click on to see all the data stored via them.

Degoo Review User Interface

The menu on the left is fairly simple and allows you to filter your files by photos, music, documents and favourites. It’s possible to upload several files at the time but you can’t copy entire folder structures or folders itself which is not exactly user-friendly.

There’s also the switch between list and tile view which is good but I would expect the list view to be more compact and show more files on the screen at once without the need to scroll lower. The interface itself responds quickly though which allows you to find files quickly.

There’s also the dark mode which is getting increasingly popular nowadays.

Degoo Review Dark Mode

File previews & edits

Any cloud service that doesn’t have a fleshed-out desktop client must have a great way to interact with your files online via the browser. Degoo allows you to preview both Office and PDF documents while also enabling video streaming, previewing images and listening to music. I have no complaints in this department apart from not being able to edit those Office documents in some manner. If I want to edit some Word document, I have to first download it, modify it and upload it back which is very counter-productive.

File syncing

Degoo has completely removed their desktop applications, now offering no way to synchronise files to your computer. This major switch in focus to mobile apps might make sense from their perspective due to the large base of people that use their service via smartphones but it makes their service uncomplete & dysfunctional from my perspective (below information in regards to “File Syncing” is therefore no longer relevant).

Degoo used to provide a more backup-focused desktop client for both Windows and macOS. They have replaced that with a very limited “Degoo Drive Syncer”.

Degoo Review Drive Syncer

With the free version it’s not possible to upload any files using the client. According to them, you should be able to download files from the cloud with it but that simply doesn’t work. When I try to check which files are on the “Web” nothing shows up so I can’t even see the files, let alone download them. The client also allows for uploading or downloading only one file at the time which makes it practically useless as a backup solution.

The client also creates no imaginary drive or a “Sync folder” where you could interact with your files. Advanced features such as “Sync any folder” or “Selective sync” are therefor also out the window.

To sum it up – if you’re using the free version then the desktop client has absolutely no value and if you’re on a paid plan then you’re getting 1/10 of a service that you would get with other better cloud storage providers.

File sharing

Degoo provides very limited file-sharing options. They started out as a cloud backup provider (which often-times lack the sharing capabilities) but then transformed into a cloud storage (which absolutely needs the sharing options) which means that half of their features either don’t work or are simply missing. Other cloud storage providers like pCloud, Icedrive, and Mega offer various sharing options such as download links, folder sharing, upload links,…

Degoo Review Add Degoo Users

You’re able to share both folders and files via their “Share” option when right-clicking on them. You have the option to either add Degoo users via their e-mail or by sending a link via social media, e-mail or other platforms. Copying a link and sending it wherever is also possible. The person downloading the files doesn’t need a Degoo account to access them.

Sharing the folders/files via the “Add Degoo users”, unfortunately, doesn’t give you any higher level of control such as folder permissions.

Retrieving files

When a file is deleted in the cloud it’s moved to the “Recycle bin” which holds these files for 5 more days. That’s an alarmingly low number when compared to other cloud storage providers. It’s very important to note that Degoo provides no file versioning system. When I tried uploading a file with the same name it simply replaced it. The older version didn’t end up in the trash bin or anything of the sort, it simply disappeared. Now that is fairly scary, imagine working on a report for hours only to then accidentally overwrite it… A huge downside to Degoo.


Degoo was founded in Sweden back in 2012 but they have offices both in US and Sweden nowadays with exact server location un-identified but it’s clear they use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as stated on their “About” page. That means that the servers are most likely located in the US. Now, Sweeden sounds pretty good in terms of privacy but US is a big no-no due to the Patriot and CLOUD act.

In regards to the security of your files, Degoo uses SSL/TLS to transfer files from your device to their server where they’re encrypted using 256-bit AES. PBKDF2 is applied to all passwords before storing them and further protected by HMAC512. They claim that multiple copies of your files are stored in data centres at remote locations across the world. Do note that with the free plan, all of the files are stored in a single data centre rather than multiple ones.

Their paid plans also feature the zero-knowledge encryption with randomly generated AES-256 encryption keys. You choose a passphrase known only by you, not stored anywhere in Degoo, that’s used to encrypt and sign your uploaded files to ensure maximum security. Make sure to store this passphrase as it is impossible to retrieve your files if you forget it. Feel free to read their article on this for more technical details.

Unfortunately, Degoo doesn’t offer two-factor authentication which can leave your account open to vulnerabilities. Degoo doesn’t make it to our most secure cloud storage providers list but it comes fairly close.

Online support

Degoo Review Knowledge Base

Their FAQ base has quite a few answers on how to do certain actions though much of it is outdated due to the various changes they did to their software over the years (specifically the desktop client). You can post a public question directly in that base or try contacting them via e-mail. The reason why I say “try” is due to their infamous reputation for not responding to e-mails and inquiries. The e-mails simply get lost somewhere in the process or get a response after months. In any case, Degoo does a very poor job at providing support to their users – and this goes for those that paid for this service as well.

Additional features

Mobile Application

Degoo Review App 1
Degoo Review App 2
Degoo Review App 3

The Degoo app is available for Android and iOS users. The app is what makes up for most of the cloud storage/backup features this service offers. They even ship it as standard equipment with Samsung phones. The free version is once again limited as you can’t do manual uploads but it is possible to enable automatic photo uploads. The chat also serves as a sharing option with people that also own a Degoo app. It’s possible to preview both Office and PDF documents from the app but it certainly took a while to open them with my iOS app. I was able to watch a video and preview images but couldn’t get the music to start playing.

The maximizer is only available in the Ultimate plan and allows you to save space on your mobile device by shrinking the size of the photos to fit on your screen and uploading the full sizes to the cloud.

They also offer the “Top Secret Folder” for all Ultimate users which enables the so-called zero-knowledge encryption that I mentioned above.


Degoo certainly holds its fair share on the market with 100.000.000+ users but that’s not that hard to get with a free 100 GB offer and a unique position by being partnered with Samsung. I see the appeal of it and the amount of storage you get for free or for a low price but the features it offers simply don’t reflect what I search for in a cloud storage. Yes, the web browser experience is fairly okay but I want to increase my productivity by having files available on my desktop and sharing them at a moments notice. There’s absolutely none of that available with Degoo not to mention that there’s no file versioning system. Reviews all over the internet also speak of how they treat their customers by not replying to any tickets.

Overall, I would avoid this service and recommend you find a better alternative.

What’s your experience with Degoo? Please share it down below. I hope I answered all your questions about Degoo within this Degoo review. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to ask them in the comments section down below and I’ll answer them shortly!

122 thoughts on “Degoo Review”

  1. This really hurts to read. I only have a free account but I stored all my files here…
    I sent them an email and while I was browsing for more reviews found this review and it is looking pretty bleak. Looks like I won’t be getting my files back…
    Happy holidays to you guys… I wish I had seen this page sooner.

    1. I think some of these things someone with a little programming savvy *cough ai cough* might be able to utilize the links and make a better mousetrap. Then make our own intertface.
      All I know is that 100 bucks for 100 year 10TB storage is just too good to pass up. It ends tonight at midnight!

  2. I bought a lifetime service a few years ago and it does function except for the fact they hound me every month claiming I have copyrighted content. They don’t permit this even if you own the content. I deleted it and they accepted the ‘appeal’ but the problem now is they keep breaking the law by putting the file back into the recycle bin without permission and continue to send me a violation notice each month about it in the hope they can scam me into cancelling the lifetime account. If you want to keep your account you have to threaten them with legal action every month. I have created a case with the Swedish authorities over it and suggest you do the same if you have an account with Degoo. If you don’t have an account then stay away from Degoo.

  3. Stay away from Degoo.
    It’s a scam.
    I upgraded to their 10TB plan.
    No problems and uploaded a lot of data for a few months.
    Then suddenly I get an email saying that my account will be closed due to breaking their terms and uploading copyrighted material. I appealed and asked for evidence.
    Appeal declined. No Evidence that I infringed.
    I should provide evidence that I have not infringed the terms and uploaded copyrighted material.
    How if I don’t even know what is supposedly infringing the terms.
    Then I get another email and my account had been deleted.
    Is it because they needed space and just go and delete accounts?
    Who knows.
    I have read plenty of other comments about Degoo with exactly the same experience.
    No refund. No details. Just delete my data and account.
    Stay away!!!

  4. Stay away. I bought the 10 TB lifetime account. I had over 9gb of family photos that just disappeared. The accused me of deleting my files. Why would I delete my family photos? That was the last I have heard from them. Stay away if you want use it to store your family memories.

  5. AVOID AVOID AVOID! If you want to keep your data.
    Please read other reviews as this seems like a common practice from Degoo, to take your money then close your account based on nonsense claims of data infringement. Like many many others I received an email informing me I had infringed copyright on some of my files, I had not. You can ask for an appeal, my reply was “Hi, I’m the Degoo Service Bot. A human has reviewed your appeal and unfortunately you did not provide enough evidence to prove ownership of the files. Therefore, I have to inform you that your appeal has been declined. Your account will be terminated due to violations of our terms of service”. This also makes a mockery of their secure data claims (zero knowledge encryption) …. A quote from their site “The top-secret feature in Degoo is a method of making sure it’s technically impossible for anyone but you to access your uploaded files”.

  6. DEGOO is a scam. I paid for a lifetime suscription and 3TB. A couple of years later, suddenly, DEGOO tells me that some of my data is illegal and that I have 8 days to provide proof of ownership. I take the time to respond and provide arguments to the effect that the incriminated files (I’m a Belgian resident) are copies of a course that I attended and paid for.
    DEGOO’s response: justification denied. Account cancelled.
    No appeal. Plain dishonest.

  7. Stephen Curry

    Degoo in essence took my money and then had their little “bot” cancel my account.

    I was using the service for storage of my personal multimedia files. Of course they are named to identify what song, movie etc it is…well their bot caught the name and their “human tech support guy” said I had no proof that I owed the files.

    WTF I don’t have receipts for song or movies etc…that I bought years ago.

    pissed me off….DONT USE THEM

    1. Same here. After contacting support they reopened my account. However, all the data was gone. Then it happened again with backups of my licensed software. They were claiming it was stolen software, although there was a license file next to the software. Again contacted support and account was reinstatet, but as before, all files were gone. This is especially annoying, because the upload is not very comformtable and takes a long time. Conclusion: use a more reliable service like pCloud, that doesn’t evaluate the data you backup.

  8. t hurts the most if you ever come across this scam brokers, I was a victim and I lost $67,000 with them with my money in the investment account can’t withdraw my funds with the bonus as God may have it I came across a mr nickjover4 (at) gmail com who helped and guide me on step to get back my funds I follow the process and finally get back my lost funds including the bonus…. Reach him and thank me later.

  9. Run, Run, Run, DO NOT use Degoo.
    They offer a lifetime plan for $99.
    10 Terrabytes. Sounds great.
    They will collect your $99.
    Then they will find a reason to cancel your service.
    1000s of examples of this can be found at any review site.
    They refuse to answer my questions about “Fair Use Recording”, storage.
    Reddit has a whole thread devoted to what a group of thieves they are.
    Retailers will not take responsibility for selling such a POS product.

  10. Same as Others:-
    Bot response
    Text only response from me, cant upload anything to prove ownership
    Bot response saying human reviewed and appeal disallowed
    immediate deletion of all account files


    1. Same thing here. I paid for a lifetime account and now all of my online files are gone or at least my account doesn’t work. After an initial bot comment that a file in my iTunes backup was not allowed, I deleted my entire iTunes backup to make sure that I was in compliance with the rules. I submitted a ticket and sent follow up emails with no response from support. I spent a long time learning how to use Degoo’s clunky interface because the amount of storage suited my needs. It’s shocking how little regard they have for the safety of my online files. I wrote that my files are important to me and I got no response.

  11. As many here, my 10 TB Degoo “lifetime” account was terminated with a stupid excuse, I’m a pro recording engineer/musician and I stored only original music files that I own the copyright on my backup, never shared nothing with nobody, my appeal was declined and after a few days my files were deleted and account terminated.
    Anyway, it never worked well to say the least, and yes, Degoo is a total scam.

    1. Hello Max,

      I am writing to you because I have encountered the same issue as others, and my account has been deactivated for what seems to be a frivolous reason – “account violation” – regarding one of my own videos. I have already submitted an appeal, explaining that the video in question is mine, but unfortunately, I have yet to receive a response. As a result, I am unable to log into my Degoo account.

      This situation has left me feeling heartbroken because all of my important files are stored on Degoo without any backup. It is very distressing that they are not responding to any of my emails.

      Thank you for your help in advance.

  12. TLDR – Degoo is committing fraud on customers at a mass scale because it is difficult to successfully hold them to account.

    On Jan 15 2022, I purchased a 10TB lifetime cloud storage subscription to Degoo through StackSocial on an offer. I purchased the subscription because I had a multitude of free cloud storage accounts dotted around and all were bursting at the seams so it made sense to opt for a single, large solution.

    I spent over a year periodically uploading all of my family photos, videos and work and learning documents – basically all of my digital life. I had even used it to back up my Facebook photos in anticipation of closing my Facebook account.
    I also had the mobile app automatically backup my photos and videos as soon as they were taken on my phone.

    In December, I received a strange email saying that my account will be closed because of inactivity. I ignored that email because I thought it must be a mistake because I was literally uploading several gigabytes to Degoo every week.

    In January, I received the same warning email again. This time, I emailed Degoo support to ask why I was receiving the email and what kind of activity I needed to do on the account to stop the emails coming. I received no reply to the email.

    I then received an email a couple of weeks later saying that I do not have any cloud space due to inactivity on my account. My photos had stopped uploading from my phone and I couldn’t login.

    I emailed support again to ask what is going on. I received a short response saying that all my files had been deleted due to inactivity and they could not be recovered. I am devastated.

    I have all of my email records for this back and forward. It is clear that no matter what I done with my Degoo account, they were going to delete my files and lock me out of the account I paid for.

    Now I have had this experience and read around online, it is clear that Degoo’s business model is to promise customers a lifetime of storage at a low price and then manufacture false reasons to close the account and delete customer’s files so that they can sell the space to new customers who fall for what looks like a good, economical options for cloud storage.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a Degoo account DON’T DO IT. Read the real reviews online. I am absolutely devasted at the loss of all my photos and videos from me and my family’s entire digital history. These people and the the companies that are facilitating this fraud such as StackSocial are running a digital fraud racket. I am actively exploring ways to chase Degoo through the legal system and I welcome contact from any other Degoo customers who are in a similar situation.

    1. Hello David,

      I am writing to you because I have encountered the same issue as others, and my account has been deactivated for what seems to be a frivolous reason – “account violation” – regarding one of my own videos. I have already submitted an appeal, explaining that the video in question is mine, but unfortunately, I have yet to receive a response. As a result, I am unable to log into my Degoo account.

      This situation has left me feeling heartbroken because all of my important files are stored on Degoo without any backup. It is very distressing that they are not responding to any of my emails.

      Thank you for your help in advance.

  13. Andrew Horrocks

    Have to agree scam big time deggo bot tells me 5 files I own are copyright breach appeal denied lifetime account cancelled after 1 month no refund no second decision just bot making decision needs to be some action against them class action great idea.

    1. Hi, same happened to me also. Some stupid bot decided that fotos with no picture / they were pink … failed photos.

      Appeal .. no luck -> My account was wipped

    2. Wow! This is such a scam. Exact same thing happened to me.

      Class action seems to be the way to get these scammers!

  14. I used Degoo to backup my working directory.

    Ireceived a message from a bot, telling me that I have breeched the terms of use by uploding files that do not belong to me.

    A few comments:
    – These files were just backups and there was no external sharing link. SO it means that Degoo is accessing the content of your backup, which is creepy.

    – These files were ebooks that I had bought and saved. So there was no breach in the Terms of use, unless they were shared, which was not the case.

    It seems that Degoo is using this strategy to cancel the lifetime subscriptions.

    It shows that if it’s too beautiful to be true,,there is something fishy.

    The conclusion of my review is that even if they change their mind, seeing these people access my files is a reason enough to not use their service.

    1. Happy, but sad and angry, to see that I am not alone in my problems with Degoo. SOMEONE really does need to do a class action suit against them. If I knew how…

    2. My lifetime Degoo account was just canceled. I was accused of uploading copyright mp3 files. They were family audio files of my children when they were young. I’ve never uploaded copyright materials; only personal and family files. I explained that to them. Never heard back. Now I can’t sign in to my account.
      Yes, Degoo is indeed a SCAM. I would join a class action lawsuit if there were one. This company is stealing money from people and should not be allowed to continue their theft.

  15. After reading the comments on here I can confirm that as of May 2023 Degoo are STILL carrying out the same shady business practices. They hide behind a ‘bot’ who claims you have been uploading and sharing content that you do not own. I first encountered this ‘bot’ in 2021 when it accused me of this so I uploaded proof and then they were happy with that. However in 2023 I again received a message claiming the exact same thing with the same content. I replied to explain this to them and this time they claim my ‘appeal’ is rejected. I replied again this time to explain what will happen if they delete my account.

    I paid a one-off fee for a lifetime 10TB Degoo Ultimate subscription and that is exactly what I’m going to get from them unless they want to see what happens if they break the law.

  16. This company promotes “lifetime subscriptions” and zero knowledge encryption that only users can access their cloud storage, only after less than a year, they access my files without any consent and permission then fraudulently claiming copyrighted material voids the service, then try to terminate the lifetime account. Sent many requests for answers but no responses. They lure people into the so call lifetime subscription then break their promise of zero knowledge encryption, randomly pick any files to say you don’t own those files, allege you violate their policy, the so call appeal is a joke, no one will actually respond you. Like many others mentioned, they, in essence, are stealing people’s money in a long-term scam.

    1. Earl Dickerson

      I bought 20 T of storage from Degoo. When I stored archival copies of books I owned, they terminated my account. I objected because I have a right to store such files, they responded: Your appeal has been declined
      I’m the Degoo Service Bot. A human has reviewed your appeal and unfortunately you did not provide enough evidence to prove ownership of the files. Therefore I have to inform you that your appeal has been declined. Your account will be terminated due to violations of our terms of service.

      All the best
      The Degoo Bot

  17. Hi I am Arch and all my family’s photos and videos were destroyed as well because degoo uploaded music from amp Degoo didn’t have permission to be uploading from my sons phone.
    Here is a reply i got from degoo that includes the managers name and email address and Degoo admitting they are at fault. Email away folks and afterword lets get together and think about a class action? a judge can tack some serious prices un priceless memories rom photos and videos ect…
    Apr 3, 2023, 6:51 AM PDT
    Yes, I did remind our managers that the Android app has an automatic upload feature for the Music category. You can get in touch with my manager at mattias@ However, the decision not to restore your files came from him so it is not guaranteed that you will get a different result if you contact him directly. He can also provide you with the address you are asking for.

    Gerry, Degoo Support

  18. onine stress relief

    If I had known what this experience is going to turn into when I heard about Degoo a few years back, I would never have made an account in the first place. Alas, I needed extra storage space, so I decided to give it a go, and have had the account for years without actually using it – until last week.
    I uploaded 39 .png images in one PC with the intention of downloading them on my second PC – in the very same room. When I tried downloading the folder, as I am used to with Dropbox, I got a popup claiming Premium account was required to use Desktop app, but when you go to options, there is no Premium!!! Only free, pro and ultimate. Regardless of my understanding of the words, but if you advertise PREMIUM then where is it in your offer?!
    Mind you, I was using a web browser to access my account. This morning I downloaded their desktop app to try downloading my images. I successfully downloaded 10, after about 10 minutes of waiting – it felt as if I was downloading the entire 80gb season of my favourite TV show from torrents. But when I try downloading the rest, I get corrupted files – 0 bytes per file, so they are useless. So Degoo literally took over ownership of my files, and corrupted them for free!!!

    Now I wish I could only delete the account, but there is no way to remove the bloody popup from the beginning of the story.

    Is there ANYTHING I could do to get my images back? They are only screenshots, but are work-related, and I need them back!!!

  19. Greetings ,
    My family ordered the Degoo Cloud Degoo Ultimate.
    1) We uploaded all of our pictures and videos including but not limited to my sons birth,our wedding, our daughters weddings, grandchildren,vacations,promotions and other important family memories.
    2) Without advance or permission Degoo decided on its own to allow its program to “auto backup” from private devices.
    3) Degoo then stole and backed up some audio files from my kids phones that were stored in their google and amp music programs.
    4) Degoo then decided to arbitrarily delete and destroy all of my family’s memories, videos, and stored legal documents. When we demanded to know why it took Degoo roughly 4 months to reply. When they did reply they said they destroyed our private photos and memory’s because they think some of our private files may be copyright. And that their “nebulous manager would decide if they wanted to return that which they stole”
    5) After more months of waiting we filed a complaint with Stacksocial . StackSocial representative said they would investigate and reach out to Degoo on our behalf.
    6) Yesterday a representative from Degoo (Gerry?) sent us an email stating that :” since Degoo didn’t like some of the music files they stole from our phones without permission they didn’t feel obligated to return the pictures,videos,legal documents we had trusted their storage with, Insult to injury they claim they cant understand why we won’t use their program to upload any more pictures , videos , or documents and refuse to refund us or return what they’ve stolen.
    7) we want to advance our claims and allegations against Degoo and suggest everyone here join us. We have spoken with many other families that have used stacksocial to purchase degoo and have been treated the same.We are tired of being abused and dont want others to suffer it as well. Memories can not be replaced. We have no issue with class action or any other form of legal remedy necessary or available. Please also add your claims to stacksocial so they can see what Degoo is about.
    8) We have simply asked two very easy things from Degoo. A/ They return the pictures,videos,legal documents they’ve Hijacked. They can keep the music files they’ve stolen. those were in Google and AIMP and are paid for and backed up. B/ because they have proven untrustworthy and dishonest we ask for a complete refund and apology. That is all we have asked from day one. Originally we just wanted our pictures/videos and documents. Since degoo is determined to be dishonest we want a refund and would strongly ask anyone to not purchase and stop advertising and doing business with Degoo so that others are not also treated this way.

    1. Lee. I had the same bad experience with Degoo. How can we connect to as a common front cope with this serious situation. I lost all my files as well.

      1. Here is a reply i got from degoo that includes the managers name and email address and Degoo admitting they are at fault. Email away folks and afterword lets get together and think about a class action? a judge can tack some serious prices un priceless memories rom photos and videos ect…
        Apr 3, 2023, 6:51 AM PDT
        Yes, I did remind our managers that the Android app has an automatic upload feature for the Music category. You can get in touch with my manager at mattias@ However, the decision not to restore your files came from him so it is not guaranteed that you will get a different result if you contact him directly. He can also provide you with the address you are asking for.

        Gerry, Degoo Support

      2. I have had NIGHTMARE experiences with Degoo. Paid for a 3TB storage account and just the worst possible experience. Anyone is free to contact me for more details and we should start some kind of an Anti-Degoo operation and try to have these cowboys shut down.

    2. I have similar experience with degoo. I wish I read your review before I bought the lifetime 10Tb subscription. Now i can’t upload any file from my phone and lost all my files. Wasted money and time. Email to support. They just ignore. Terrible company.

      1. Here is a reply i got from degoo that includes the managers name and email address and Degoo admitting they are at fault. Email away folks and afterword lets get together and think about a class action? a judge can tack some serious prices un priceless memories rom photos and videos ect…
        Apr 3, 2023, 6:51 AM PDT
        Yes, I did remind our managers that the Android app has an automatic upload feature for the Music category. You can get in touch with my manager at mattias@ However, the decision not to restore your files came from him so it is not guaranteed that you will get a different result if you contact him directly. He can also provide you with the address you are asking for.

        Gerry, Degoo Support

  20. Caveat emptor! It’s being run by criminals. They summarily deleted my free storage after some time just because i had no paid subscription. And to see how malicious they could be, they then doxxed my password for use by their fellow rabble. Don’t say i didn’t warn you folks!

  21. Dont trust degoo. Deleted all my family pictures. My sons birth,wedding,anniversary,vacations. Tried to say my family photos are “possibly copyright!” Months later still haven’t returned them and IT or support is non-existent 1)why are you ogling my family photos. 2) THEY are my photos of my family!! 3)no privacy and even less security.

  22. Like many others, I got scammed with the copyright infringement claim and had my account deleted. After Degoo wouldn’t respond to any attempts to contact them, I contacted the reseller, StackSocial. They were very helpful and got me in contact with Degoo. The person at Degoo initially apologized for the problem and reinstated my account!

    However, he said he wasn’t sure he could get any of my files back. I wasn’t happy about that because it took my a week to upload them all with their crappy service. After a week of back and forth in which StackSocial kept having to constantly bug Degoo to respond, the Degoo support agent notified me that deleting the offending file wasn’t a valid response, I couldn’t have my files back and I couldn’t have my money back. StackSocial said that they would revisit their partnership with Degoo in light of my experience. I encourage anyone who bought their Degoo plan through a reseller to notify the reseller about these fraudulent practices.

    It would be easy to win a suit against them but I live in the US and the small claims court requires the suit be delivered in person. I’m not going to Sweden to sue them so I’ll just try to make sure others don’t use them.

  23. I had 2 TB of space on my Degoo account, now there is only 20 GB! They took my earned 2 TB without explanation. Never again Degoo!

  24. Well… It’s a scam. I am locked out of my account. The only problem here is that my personal files are still on. I must atleast have the option to delete the account.
    Beware. You are not just being scammed for money. Your personal information is at risk. They have like 40gb of my photos.
    And more of my voice recordings and what not. DOGS! it was my fault to ever buy it and an even BIGGER mistake to use it to store my personal information on it.
    We try to avoid tracking and profiling. In the end we all fall prey to system some how. Today the price for lifetime is 199 usd?? You will get a Seagate NAS 18tb hardisk for that price. I wish I had just stfu and avoided it. It’s not that I wanted to buy this garbage but it came as a free add on with VPN unlimited on stack social. According to my understanding, they want you to store personal information like photos and what would be beneficial to them and low in size. If you bought a 10tb plan you would never utilise the full capacity not even a 10th of it. So… They are happy. But if you do anything at all to store other kind of files from your computer to utilise that 10tb or 5tb or whatever. They will find an excuse to terminate you.

    Good luck 👍. Don’t waste your money on this trash buy a hardisk. And use Google drive etc.

  25. United States of Erica

    Degoo is a scam. I purchased 2x 10TB lifetime subscriptions off StackSocial for $69 each. I uploaded files I wanted to store on Degoo. Afterward, Degoo emailed me and said storing my owned and purchased MP3s were against the law and that I had to delete them for face being terminated. I deleted the files and appealed. They terminated me anyway. They go against their own word. I’m out of $140 because they stole that money from me.

    1. Mario J Deciutiis

      Degoo is BAD BAD BAD.
      I decided to back up some programs that I purchased to their cloud on my account.
      They didn’t like that and totally deleted my account with years of photos. I appealed but they denied me.
      THEY SUCK. Run from Degoo

  26. As with many others, I get the same scammy treatment from degoo. I will not touch on those points as they are adequately covered.

    What I think needs more coverage is:
    – the android app “helpfully” reminds you of your photo with notifications. That could be an intimate/private photo or a confidential company document. (I remember if there’s a setting to turn this off)
    – the app regards pictures within music files (cover picture etc) as actual pictures/photos. Even if you have your own original music or your file was not flagged, you will still get flooded with these “pictures”
    – they delete account for uploading “copyrighted content” even if you didn’t share it at all. Not even the fraudulent thunderdrive does that (I lost all my thunderdrive files, I see them but can’t open nor download)
    – with the above reasons, there’s more than ample reason to believe that they scan every single file that you have. Who knows what they do or not do with the data. I wouldn’t trust the with confidential data for the same reason
    – advertisements. there’s a ton load of advertisements from the app for something that is purchased.
    – support seems to think they are sales personnel. They answer my questions before signing up but won’t reply when I asked about the problem below.
    – Unclear system. lifetime accounts should retain files for a year, but I received warning emails twice saying I have not been using account for 3 months and my files will be deleted. The account type is listed as “Ultimate” in the android app despite them differentiating the types of account.

    1. Major correction! In the first point, it should be “I don’t remember if there’s a setting to turn this off” regarding notifications

    2. additional info for the last point:
      I have a browser tab for degoo that’s open everyday. I have the android app on my phone that spams me with pictures daily. I wonder why I got the 2 emails saying that I have not logged in for 3 months.

  27. My 10TB ‘lifetime’ account was terminated by a bot for uploading music!
    No refunds.
    No humans.

      1. Yes.
        That lovely have a nice day sign off from the Bot
        Lovely customer service
        I just hope I can download my personal stuff before they Arbitrarily close my account, guessing no refunds either

        ALSO if a human has reviewed the appeal why gave a Bot to tell you it failed

        They are hiding behind the fact they are International and hiding behind a Bot

    1. The same experience here. My 10TB lifetime account was terminated, because a bot ascertained that I have not demonstrated my ownership of a video file I need for a court case. In spite of my appeal, no human being has ever responded to my ticket.
      Now, I have lost crucial files for my court case. Who would have imagined that these people are so dishonest!
      I am now looking for a way to commence a legal suit against Degoo.

      1. Mario J Deciutiis

        I am filing a complaint today to the BBB and every other consumer safety organization I can find out there. They really are a bad company.

        I encourage others to contact the BBB

  28. I am one of the unfortunates whose account is terminated without any opportunity to save the files. Many invaluable files cannot be retrieved. Emails have no response at all. So sad about it. I don’t know why Degoo has the right to steal and forfeit the files from the owners. Its action is super unethical.

    1. Degoo is terrible. What happened to you is also happening to many, many of their customers. Poeple were roped in,.. if you trusted Degoo, with a of your data,.. you may never see it again. This company is located in Sweden and they could care less. Sorry that you lost your data like many others have. I know that it very important. I recommend using you own back up drives from now on or at least a more reputable company located in the US. They terminated my account as well,… with many Gigs of data. In my case,.. I also kept copies of everything on back up portable hard drives. This company DEGOO is the WORST.

    2. My account got terminated after they cited ‘term of service violation’, for 20 pictures taken at Disneyland. These pictures that any co-worker or friends will share with you. Even with my LIFETIME 10TB membership, they won’t response to my inquiry. There is no ‘appeal’ after their ‘robot/human’ made the decision. Looking at these comments here, they all appears to around the same time frame, I highly suspect this is intentional to strike their customers, close the shop and start it all over again. BUYER AWARE, DO NOT TRUST DEGOO.

      1. Exactly the same here: 2 pictures taken on a Disney trip were considered as ‘term of service violation’. Appeal rejected, data lost, money lost on my 10TB Lifetime account. They’re a SCAM! Stay away from DEGOO.
        And as they are able to scan the content their claim of privacy and encrypted data is also a lie.

  29. I got the unjustified email today telling me I have violated there rules and are turning my account off. They deleted ALL of my backup files within two hours. I have been 10TB user for two years, and all of a sudden they say I have committed a violation!

    Do not user their service, you will regret your decision.

  30. Degoo and other web interface storage systems are a waste of space, time and money.

    The main issues are as follows.

    This solution is a terrible backup solution. There is no way of checking what files have been uploaded and if you try to upload a folder for example, and only half the files are uploaded you have to check each one individually.

    You cannot interface your favorite back up software, run any back up schemes (e.g. Full, differential, incremental) and cannot compare files against those archived on the platform. There is no way to validate back ups and file transfers so it is difficult to say anything good about this platform.

    At best this solution is the equivalent of a big box that you throw your photos and files in.

    Security is an issue, as others have said here, what is offered as a secure, encrypted system cannot be as they are approaching lifetime subscription users in an effort to kick them off. They have no way of knowing what files you have uploaded unless they either search the files in the repository, or scan the files as they are uploaded. Either way this is a breach of trust, the contract AND law. NOTE: No one storing files on this platform can conform to data protection or GDPR laws.

    I would suggest anybody affected threaten legal action.

  31. Degoo has turned out to be a big scam. Only upload your data on Degoo, if you are comfortable with someone prying on it. They claim that your data is encrypted, but they look at it, watch your videos and listen to your music files. I am saying it because they have given me a notice that I am violating some rules by uploading certain files (some .mp3 files, to be exact). How on earth do they know what is the content of these files if these files are encrypted? It also shows for certain that they pry at your data. They know your files’ names.

  32. Degoo is a scam. Risk of losing all of your data in their cloud storage. Once uploaded and will be no longer yours. They will give you the reason that your data violates their policy and have to lock your account. They have only a single support email contact and will ignore your inquiry forever. Use at your own risk.

  33. I bought Life Time subscription 10TB, then after using for just over a year, I received an email pointing at private photos and videos that are zipped saying that they are in violation and my account will be cancelled. DEGOO IS CLEARLY A SCAM!!! DO NOT USE DEGOO!!! You will lose all of your files and documents and your money.

  34. So first they took my extra awarded space away, which didnt do much harm to me and rhen thes reduced thenfree space to 20gb?, and i never got an email about these changes. So i use degoo as a second backup of my photoes. Imhave thougt of buying lifetime, but thanks all those examples, i am not inclined to do so especial: it seems one can only upload one file at a time and other odd issues
    However i would never use only one (cloud ) backup for my important stuff.

  35. Hi
    I have the 10 TB plan and one day I receive mail that I have broke some policy rule. Now I’m unable to appeal orig I create ticket no one is replying. This Degoo is fraud and cheat company. Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done?

  36. Hello:

    I have been a Degoo user since March 2021. My recommendation to everyone is NOT to use Degoo services, it is really very bad for the following reasons:

    – When I signed up they promised 100 GB of storage for free. A few weeks ago they cut the offer to 20GB, but not for new users as would be logical, old customers lost 80 GB of storage.

    – And then as I has excess storage, and, according to Degoo it is my fault!!, since it is above the new occupancy limit of 20GB, they threaten me: if I does not delete the information above 20GB in less Within 2 weeks, my account will be deleted!

    – No customer service, just threats!

    – In view of this, I tried to download my information and there is the option of downloading by folders and not file by file. But when you try to use that option, you have to pay for it!!!

    – Two weeks to download your information file by file!!!

    – On the other hand, they have a promotion that consists of the following: for each commercial that Degoo offers to watch, when you finish watching it, you receive 750MB of free storage, as a reward.

    – I saw a lot of commercials looking to increase my available free space, I spent a lot of time and resources to see those commercials, managing to go from 100GB free to 1.6 Terabytes free.

    – But a few days ago without notice, it appeared in the Degoo application that I no longer had 1.6 terabytes but 300 GB.

    – They cut without any reason the storage that I had earned thanks to the promotions they offered. Degoo made money from the large number of commercials I watched, and they took what I had earned, that is, they made free money, they just stole my earned storage.

    – Now, they say that the 750 MB storage reward for watching commercials only lasts for 28 days! What good is it for someone to have storage that expires in less than a month!

    – When the promotions for watching those commercials began, they did not have an expiration date.

    Do not believe in absolutely anything that Degoo offers, for example, when Degoo feels that those 20 GB free right are too much, they will also take them away as they did with my 100 GB and you will receive the corresponding threat to delete your account if you do not lower your storage to the new limit they impose.

    All promotions for viewing commercials are false.

    And all this happens with the free plan, don’t even think about purchasing a paid plan with Degoo. Don’t waste your money paying them for something in which, too, they are going to default.

    I am affiliated with several other services that offer internet storage, all of them are compliant with what they offer, both in their free and paid options.

    The worst service of all is that of Degoo, they are unfulfilled, liars, mediocre and arrogant, without customer service. Never use it!!

    Don’t make the same mistake I did of trusting such a mediocre company.

    Any other internet storage service you come across, no matter how bad, will never be as bad as Degoo’s.

    Degoo is the worst of all!.

  37. This service is Acam, do not uset it or put there anything you need.
    I bought the lifetime 10 TB and use it to store some of my back up files like copies of my MP3s and Documents.
    I got like a month a go a warning that there was a copy rights violation on some of my files.
    I answered that they were my legal copies of MP3s that I have bought.
    I got access to my files after this like for a week or so. I deleted the files they were complaining about even as they were my legal copies that I have never share with anybody.
    One day I was not able to login again even after I received an email from support telling me that my access was fine.
    I have not been able to login for the last 4 weeks, I have open several support cases that they have not even bother answering.
    PLEASE DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE, these guys are croooks.

  38. DEGOO is a pure SCAM / fraud ! You can download all your stuff off degoo using and get your stuff off degoo ASAP, for thoes that lost all their memories such as irreplaceable photos file a consumer fraud case with interpol degoo is a pure FRAUD! its just a money grab. do not be fooled! Spread the word! tell stack commerce to stop selling their garbage.

  39. R-here
    Degoo is very big disappointment. I joined Degoo cloud around 2017 and since then I have accumulated over 1.24 terabyte of storage and one day in December 2022 I checked my phone and I was left only with 106 GB of storage in my account, rest of it was gone. So I have tried to contact the company via email many times, but got only 2 answers in return:
    #1 email was I got support ticket and I will be contacted by support team later. Did not happened. I emailed again few times.
    #2 about 10 days later I got response that the company updating cloud storage accounts and I should upgrade my plan.
    So I emailed back to get answers about my missing cloud storage and again no response and that was in middle of the December 2022.
    Now, today January 4, 2023 I went back to my Degoo account and to my surprise I have only 20 GB left. Just wondering what is going on with this company.
    No more free 100 GB which is still advertised online.
    No answers to emails.
    Whoever runs this company is very unprofessional.
    I hope someday someone will get back to me to answer questions I have been asking repeatedly. One can only hope I guess.

  40. I have lost also my space, only 23 GB remaines.
    2 years ago i started with the 100GB free space, and in time, i gathered 100+GB of bonus space. I have 100+GB of data stored.
    What will happen with my data?
    Nowadays, you can not have any confidens anymore, is a real shame

  41. ONLY 20 GB FREE! 17.12.2022
    20 GB Degoo Free
    Due to the high inflation, our costs have increased significantly. As a result, we’re unfortunately forced to reduce the Degoo Free account to 20 GB. We understand if this comes as an inconvenience to you and for that, we sincerely apologize. If we could have avoided this we would have. Degoo Free is still significantly more generous than the competition and if you need more free storage you can still earn bonus from watching sponsored videos in our Android app. In addition, our premium offers remain the most generous in the industry.
    This change means you’re above the new limit and need to get more storage or remove files to continue to use Degoo.
    If you choose to do nothing your account will be terminated on Friday, January 6, 2023.
    As compensation for this inconvenience, we’re providing huge discounts to Degoo Pro especially for you. You get 500 GB Degoo Pro for only $0.99/month for a period of 3 months.

    1. I lost my earned space 🙁
      Got the below reply…

      Gerry Gonzaga
      Sat, Dec 17, 6:23 PM


      To ensure the longevity of our service we are updating our cloud storage accounts, this includes our bonus system. The bonuses you can earn from opening the app and watching ads in the app now have a validity of 28 days. We understand if this comes as a surprise but we also hope you understand that we do these changes to be able to provide you with awesome cloud storage for a long time ahead.

      If you like our service you can always check out our premium plans at

      As an additional bonus we can offer you a 3 months discount of 50% for all our monthly premium plans when you choose to upgrade from our website using the link above. Just reach out to us and mention what email you use in Degoo when subscribing to a premium plan and we will happily apply the discount!

      Thank you

    2. Your full of it why does Dagoo log me off my account for no reason no I’m stuck trying to sign back on worse Im being locked out why ? every single GB I earned it by inviting friends and watching videos for week I submitted tickets to support still no response I think you lie and trick people to use your service

    3. I have been for holidays
      I can’t access 😢 my account anymore and I don’t know how payments can be made, please give assistance on how I can regain my account after payments
      Hoping to get feedback from you

  42. Stay away from this service. First they lure you to upload thousands of files for free, and then they tell you how, because of the costs, they have to charge you for all that. They don’t let you download back the folders you created, or multiple files at once, you have to download each file individually. You can’t rescue your files until you pay them. Fraudsters!

    1. Seriously, this is why you should avoid Degoo. It’s not user-friendly, and it can be a huge pain to download a bunch of files one by one. I would suggest looking into another cloud storage provider that offers a simpler way to download your files. That way, you can get your data quickly and easily.

      I’ve 90GB of data which I need to download/extract from Degoo & deactivate my account

      1. Tell me about it this is my second time I had this problem where dagoo logs me off for no reason I get locked out of my account to make things worse all my data gets erased after months and months of collecting memory’s all gone they never sent me a notice for a week I been submitting tickets still no response to put it in a simple word dagoo are bunch of assholes

  43. Please stay away from this company, its very true about their support, I uploaded my lot of data by using their premium support and paid lot of money for the same, all my data got deleted because of a violation which I remediated. No response, no action and account deleted with 0 feedback, go with a branded name. This company has no customer support

  44. One reason to use Degoo was that I don’t want my photos on Google. And I just realized that they are actually using Google storage. When you drag a thumbnail to open in new tab, you go to Google page.

  45. I have absolutely no clue what you’re all about. I’ve been a subscriber of their lifetime storage 10TB (which I have increased to 60TB) this year with literally ZERO issues. It has not the most advanced features but surly most of. I never came across any file limit uploads and I have been able to upload single video files at around 15GB, surly generous enough if you ask me and the price is a no brainer.

    I’m all on. Excellent company and excellent web app.

    1. I just purchased the lifetime 50TB plan. Dumb question but after you subscribe to the plan shouldn’t the ads in the application go away? I still get bombarded with ads. Any ideas?



      1. Haven’t ever tried their paid plans but for sure yeah, that would be the moral thing to do from their side. If the ads are still there after your purchase, well, it just speaks more to why I don’t like them as a service.


      2. The lifetime plans still have add and have to be accessed every year or your data will be deleted. The monthly and yearly plans are add free and never delete data.

    2. I truly seriously do NOT believe that this is an honest review. Degoo is so extremely crappy that I really don’t see how ANYONE could be happy with it unless there is something wrong with them.

    3. Same here. Really a good deal. My expectations were low. I just upload the set of files I want to backup every so often. It’s number 4 of my backups. I don’t expect to “use” it on a daily bases.

  46. Upon reading the negative reviews of Degoo, I could not understand the issue. I got a great deal via StackSocial on a lifetime sub and it was working well. The amount of storage was fantastic for large video files that I needed to backup (since Zoom has limited storage space). My purchase was a 2-fer, so I gave the other sub to an organization I work with that uses Zoom a lot. Then at the end of March, while uploading many files, some files got stuck at the processsing stage and would not complete. After a couple days of rebooting and retrying, I submitted a support ticket. The next day I decided to try again and a pop-up showed that uploads were limited to 1GB in file size and that I had to upgrade to do more. First of all, it is unethical (shady is an understatement) to apply such a limit retroactively to existing customers (I can understand it for new ones), especially when it defeats the point of why I got the suscription. Second, I had the highest plan they offer: there was no way to upgrade. I submitted another ticket asking what was happening. I got a response to the first ticket that they would look into the issue (of course, the issue ended up being that it was my over 1GB files not finishing and thus were being limited without prior notice); I got a response to the second ticket that they would look into the cap, and he came back stating that was the new limit on my subscription (not even answering how I could upgrade to allow for more). So, bottom line, this service is not consumer friendly. Unless you dont really care about what you’re uploading, do NOT subscribe to them or pay them any money. The illicit way of doing business is the reason why they get 1 star.

    1. … had the same problem with the 1 GB limitation. I have 3 accounts with 10 TB each. I wrote them an got an answer, and after my second replay they fixed the issue and put the limit to 20 GB. An now I’am able to upload files with 19.8 GB, 22 GB won’t work.
      So just write and make clear that you bought without limitations, and that they should put the limit to 20 GB – hope it works for others too.

      1. Hi

        In which email you can send email to degoo support team ? I have life long plan of 10 TB one day I receive mail that I have broke some policy rule and uploaded some songs. I have CD of same and I have ripped and uploaded as my collection. Now I’m unable to appeal orig I create ticket no one is replying. This Degoo is fraud and cheat company. Can you suggest something ?

  47. Muhammad Omer Waheed

    These are scammers. I bought it subscription for 10 TB. In a month they put restrictions on the account. I can’t be upload file more than 1gb. i suggested to everyone stay away from them

  48. I’m afraid I have to add my voice to the chorus of “booo!!! Hisssss!!!!”

    Although, it sounds like I’m a bit better off than most? I only signed up for the 2TB of ‘lifetime’ storage through one of the ‘offers’… of about $40 USD a while back… (2 or 3 years?)…

    I *only* use it to store photos from my phone…. as a kind of 2nd safety…

    But yeah, it’s an absolute **NIGHTMARE** to navigate…. the folder structure… ‘everything’ about manipulating your files is ‘difficult’…. not impossible, but, just a MAJOR pain in the butt. Things hang….. if there’s a problem with your Wi-Fi connection etc…. you can’t easily edit photos that I know of on the platform. Even a simple photo rotation requires a download/upload…. I’d say it’s a bit of an ABORTION….

    But, you never know…. it ‘might’ save my bacon one day? Even a pain in the butt backup is better than no backup…. I guess?

  49. This is the worst cloud service ever . web app crashes every few hours sometimes crashing the windows as well .
    no Email support .
    Cant see how many files are uploaded per folder .
    only webapp .
    after reaching 1% of my quota I canty upload any more !

  50. I also got the same Email,

    They are definitvely SCAMMERS, and the are simply kicking out there “lifetime members”.


  51. I too started to receive Degoo copyright notices for a handful of MP3 files during August 2020. But do not even have the Degoo backup services on any of my devices. None of the MP3 files they list as ‘violations’ are on any device. And never heard of Degoo prior to August.

    Their conduct suggests some type of scam is being run against any email address they have collected (or bought).

  52. **Comically** Bad, Possibly Even Criminal
    This service is **comically** bad. Wow, just wow. Like an idiot I paid $99 for a “lifetime subscription” and 10 TB storage. I figured, well, even if they go under after 2 or 3 years, it won’t be such a bad value.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #1: They have no mechanism for downloading entire folders!!

    You have to download *one* *file* *at* *a* *time*. So the promise of 10 TB is deceptive. It is a marketing bait-and-switch, because what sort of customer cares about 10TB of storage? Answer: a customer who wants to back up an entire system with an option to restore the data in case of system failure. That’s not an option when you can only download one file at a time!

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #2: Unbelievably AWFUL Customer Support.

    On finding out about the severe limits to the download functionality, I immediately requested a refund. Degoo Customer Support refused to even answer my inquiry. The only communication I’ve received from them was a short 5 word sentence that left me with the impression that Degoo Customer Support speaks English as a second language.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #3: Intrusive Nannying.

    When it became clear that I was stuck with the service, I decided to make the most of the large amount of memory on offer (10 TB) and upload some things of secondary importance that I can’t fit on my 2TB of Google storage, so I started uploading things like multimedia files that I have ripped from DVDs. All of a sudden, after uploading a terabyte of data, I get a message saying my account would be cancelled because I had violated “community standards” by uploading copyrighted material. No offer of a refund, just a notice that my account would be “deleted”. The real reason for the cancellation may be that they only want people who use a tiny fraction of the 10 TB they promise, so if you start uploading anything other than family pictures, anything in other words that takes up a significant amount of disc space they don’t really want your business. But the reason may even be worse, which brings me to

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #4. Signs of a Criminal Scam.

    After reading the experiences of other users, I am now a bit worried, because many others are reporting the same experience I had suggesting that Degoo is simply stealing data and then deleting accounts once they’ve harvested the data. If so, these people are criminals. AVOID DEGOO LIKE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE.

  53. Degoo is a scam!! stay away.
    it looks like they are kicking out all their “lifetime” users.
    I read about a guy that they found his wedding video (with music of course) to be violating their copyright terms.
    what a scam!
    Dont give them a cent of your money.
    your data is not safe with them.
    go figure who they are selling your data/images/videos to!
    A lawsuit is coming their way.

  54. I’m also a lifetime member. I started the upload of my files on my smartphone more than 3 months ago and the upload never reached 100% (it hangs around 65GB). Tell me how I can fill 10TB of data at this rate ???
    Anyways, last week I got a mail from them with one of my images in it.
    So, they do access my files and they can read them.
    I signed up because I was told this was a secure service and even Degoo could no read the files.

    Now I’m trying to delete everything and then cancel my account, and i don’t even care to get my money back (although that would be nice).
    Only, in Moments, after deleting, my images keep popping up again.


  55. Same here. I am also a paid lifetime member, 10 TB.
    Got a similar email from the Bot. So, I located the files (never shared them, or anything…I’ve been using Degoo to backup photos/videos I’ve created) and deleted them. I was taking my laptop on a trip and had some movies – paid – in a folder that was then backed up. In my appeal I’d indicated such and that the content has been removed.

    Result: declined!

    To be fair, I get why they’d want to avoid hosting questionable content. However, paid is paid, and lifetime is lifetime. It sounds like my experience is similar to others, as above. One strike, and you’re out. Doesn’t matter what remediation actions you take – they keep the $ and toast your account. Horrid business practice, very disappointing.

    Don’t use them. I’ll be vocal about this every chance I get. I’ve every intention to speak with my credit card company to see if there’s any chance of a refund. Degoo are jerks!

    1. MrZeroKnowledge

      Yeah, yeah, yeah… and zero knowledge is zero knowledge…except when they claim you have copyrighted or questionable content! How would they know what you have stored on your “zero knowledge” account? Oh, right, IT’S NOT!

  56. Avoid this service AT ALL COSTS!!!

    I also got the “Bot” message about copyright. I appealed it stating the files they claimed to be in violation are actual backup files of physical media I own. They denied the claim saying I didn’t provide enough proof. How can I prove I own physical copies to a BOT? I have demanded contact with a real human being but I doubt that will happen. My biggest concern is WHY they are scanning your personal and private data at all? Not to mention WHAT they are doing with the information they get from scanning YOUR data.

    PLAY IT SAFE… find another service. I really fear that this organization, who apparently has few human beings working there, is in business to harvest data information for sale to others.

  57. Alan Jason Patierno

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Degoo just notified me that because I have an mp3 file on my UNSHARED account they consider to be copyright infringement- they are canceling my entire account & keeping my money! They did not offer me the option of deleting only that file either. It took me MONTHS for it to SLOWLY upload everything & now they are keeping my money & canceling my account.

    1. I got the same message from them and I’m trying to remove all my content from their servers. I’m a lifetime member too. I thought this was supposed to be high security that nobody could “SEE” my files. apparently not the case, they have a”BOT” that can read my contents on their servers. Those file are my backups of songs that I bought and paid for from Google and Amazon or are copies of my CD’s that I own.

  58. I’ve been a Degoo user for two years, bought the lifetime 10TB about 14 months ago. I got this copyright message two days ago. I appealed of course. If they don’t want people backing up copyrighted music, then why even provide the option to backup music, much less make it default to ‘yes’. Any normal person with music on their phone is going to have copyright-protected music. It’s not like everyone is content creators, nor would Degoo even want them as customers, they would use too much storage.

    Really sucks that they are booting paid users for using their service as it’s marketed.

  59. MakeDegoo BetterPlease

    frankly ridiculous, i have been user of the service from 2015, and it was so much better than now where you are asked to be a premium member to DOWNLOAD MORE THAN 1 FILE!!! (and who knows what is the maximum bandwidth of those downloads, the page simply does not tell you) it was so much better when it was a P2P hive at least you have no worries about centralized servers!; too bad about the service now, totally uninstalled it and delete it on the site (search the help, who knows if your files are actually deleted however), also unlink it from your google drive if you tied it to the service, it can read contacts too if you do it!

    thanks for this review, very honest and insightful!

  60. I dont recommend Degoo. I’ve got the same mail about copyright today. I dont see how storing files can harm someone. My files weren’t downloaded not a single time, they were backups.
    And I have a question about my privacy, if Degoo is sniffing through my files, with all the encryption and safe measures, can we really trust this company?

  61. An email from Degoo after they sniffed through my uploaded files:

    Detected copyright infringement

    I’m the Degoo Bot. I do automated work to ensure that Degoo remains safe and that everyone abides by the terms and conditions. Unfortunately I’ve detected that you’ve uploaded content which violates someone else’s copyright. This violates our terms and conditions. Therefore your account will be terminated in 2 weeks.

    If you feel I’ve done a mistake you’re welcome to submit an appeal by clicking the button below. The appeal will be reviewed by a human. Be sure to submit as much detailed information as possible, to help verify that no copyright was violated.

    All the best
    The Degoo Bot

    1. I got the same email… Guess the zero knowledge thing is a scam, also, seems like they are trying to get rid of lifetime members as they made some tasty promo offerings that they can’t/don’t want to honor. Slimey way to do business… Have a look on the web, lots of users got this email, most of them “lifetime” members…


      1. Yes, they are real low life’s for sure. They deleted my account after they gave me a few days to appeal their decision to delete due to having some of my paid for music files on my backup.

        My lifetime subscription lasted a couple of years.

        I sent them an email which they have so far ignored.

        I will file a complaint with whoever I can be liberal at letting my experience be known.

        Sounds like there should be a class action lawsuit coming soon.

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