Degoo Review



  • Free 100 GB storage
  • Cheap plans
  • Decent web browser experience
  • Okay mobile apps
  • Zero-knowledge system


  • No desktop applications & no file synchronisation
  • Very limited sharing capabilities
  • No file versioning system
  • Has a record of not responding to e-mails/tickets
  • No two factor authentication

Degoo Review

I am not entirely sure what Degoo wants to be – a cloud storage or a cloud backup. And I don’t believe they know either though they have certainly shifted their focus from being a cloud backup provider to storage only in the past years. Their home page states “Top Secret Cloud Drive” but there’s no actual drive to talk of within their service. It seems that their main goal was simply getting people on-board with their smartphone apps. Everything else is fairly abysmal as we will find out in this Degoo review.

Degoo Alternatives

5-2000 GB
10 GB Free

❌Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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5-6000 GB
5 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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10-5000 GB
10 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
❌Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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1-8000 GB
1 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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15-16000 GB
15 GB Free

✔️Sync Folder
✔️Selective Sync
✔️Link Sharing
✔️Zero Knowledge

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Pricing & Plans
Who is it for?
Ease of use
File syncing
File sharing
Retrieving files
Online support
Additional features

Degoo Features

Pricing & Plans
Free storage 100 GB
Free trial 14 days
Lifetime plans
Payment methodsCredit card
Ease of use
Open in-browser PDF, Office, Videos, Images, Music
Edit in-browser
Mobile apps Android, iOS
File syncing
Supported systems
Imaginary drive 
An imaginary drive allows you to access all of the files that are in the cloud directly from your desktop via an application without taking up local storage space.
Sync folder 
A sync folder allows you to access all of the files that are in the cloud directly from your desktop via an application. Since it synchronises the files to the device, it takes up local storage space.
Block-level file sync
Selective sync 
Selective sync allows you to choose which folders that are located in the cloud should and shouldn't be synchronised to your device.
Sync any folder 
The sync any folder feature allows you to choose any local folder and synchronise it to the cloud without any further actions.
File sharing
Share download links
Link password protection
Link expiration dates
Link branding
Link download limits
Link stats
Share upload links
Share folders
Set folder permissions
Retrieving files
File versioning system
Trash bin
Rewind feature 
The rewind feature allows you to go back in time and inspect your cloud storage as it was in that moment. This enables easy retrieval of files in various scenarios such as malware infection.
Server location US
HIPAA Compliance
Encryption protocol 256-bit AES
At-rest encryption
In-transit encryption
Client-side encryption
Zero-knowledge privacy
Two-factor authentication
Online support
FAQ base
E-mail support
Live chat support
Phone support

Pricing & Plans

Alright, let’s have a look at their plans. Degoo is certainly generous when it comes to their free plan with 100GB of cloud storage for grabs. The free plan is quite limited though as uploading to the cloud via their desktop client simply isn’t possible with it. It’s important to note that you have to access your account every 90 days in order to keep the uploaded files with the free version. You can get a bunch of additional free storage though by:

  • Inviting friends – 500 GB upper limit (+5 GB per friend)
  • Watching ads – Unlimited bonus space (+750 MB per watched ad)

Personally, I am not into these tactics to increase storage space via certain actions. If you’re not either then increasing the storage via a paid plan is the way to go. Degoo is certainly cheap when compared to other cloud storage providers. It supports MasterCard, Visa and AmericanExpress (no PayPal supported).

Degoo also offers lifetime 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 10TB plans which you can check here. I would advise you take a look at other better lifetime cloud storage plans before taking the leap though.

Degoo is certainly cheap but the problem is that it really shows in their feature. I recommend taking a look at other cloud storages that are both better and cheap.

Personal Plans

Per Month
100 GB Online Storage
1 device (no uploads via desktop app)
Per Month
$24..00/year (33% off)
500 GB Online Storage
3 devices
Per Month
$99.99/year (20% off)
10 TB Online Storage
Unlimited devices

Who is it for?

Degoo offers 100 GB of storage for free which is great if you’re okay with below average service. Their paid plans somewhat improve that service but it is nowhere where I would want it to be in terms of file sync, sharing capabilities, file retrieval and support. I seriously recommend looking at other cloud storage or cloud backup providers.

Ease of use

The registration procedure is simple like with all other providers (you can also use Google to register). After completing the registration and logging in you’ll jump into the user interface. The home page of the interface presents you with all of your connected devices which you can click on to see all the data stored via them.

Degoo Review User Interface

The menu on the left is fairly simple and allows you to filter your files by photos, music, documents and favourites. It’s possible to upload several files at the time but you can’t copy entire folder structures or folders itself which is not exactly user-friendly.

There’s also the switch between list and tile view which is good but I would expect the list view to be more compact and show more files on the screen at once without the need to scroll lower. The interface itself responds quickly though which allows you to find files quickly.

There’s also the dark mode which is getting increasingly popular nowadays.

Degoo Review Dark Mode

File previews & edits

Any cloud service that doesn’t have a fleshed-out desktop client must have a great way to interact with your files online via the browser. Degoo allows you to preview both Office and PDF documents while also enabling video streaming, previewing images and listening to music. I have no complaints in this department apart from not being able to edit those Office documents in some manner. If I want to edit some Word document, I have to first download it, modify it and upload it back which is very counter-productive.

File syncing

Degoo has completely removed their desktop applications, now offering no way to synchronise files to your computer. This major switch in focus to mobile apps might make sense from their perspective due to the large base of people that use their service via smartphones but it makes their service uncomplete & dysfunctional from my perspective (below information in regards to “File Syncing” is therefore no longer relevant).

Degoo used to provide a more backup-focused desktop client for both Windows and macOS. They have replaced that with a very limited “Degoo Drive Syncer”.

Degoo Review Drive Syncer

With the free version it’s not possible to upload any files using the client. According to them, you should be able to download files from the cloud with it but that simply doesn’t work. When I try to check which files are on the “Web” nothing shows up so I can’t even see the files, let alone download them. The client also allows for uploading or downloading only one file at the time which makes it practically useless as a backup solution.

The client also creates no imaginary drive or a “Sync folder” where you could interact with your files. Advanced features such as “Sync any folder” or “Selective sync” are therefor also out the window.

To sum it up – if you’re using the free version then the desktop client has absolutely no value and if you’re on a paid plan then you’re getting 1/10 of a service that you would get with other better cloud storage providers.

File sharing

Degoo provides very limited file-sharing options. They started out as a cloud backup provider (which often-times lack the sharing capabilities) but then transformed into a cloud storage (which absolutely needs the sharing options) which means that half of their features either don’t work or are simply missing. Other cloud storage providers like pCloud, Icedrive, and Mega offer various sharing options such as download links, folder sharing, upload links,…

Degoo Review Add Degoo Users

You’re able to share both folders and files via their “Share” option when right-clicking on them. You have the option to either add Degoo users via their e-mail or by sending a link via social media, e-mail or other platforms. Copying a link and sending it wherever is also possible. The person downloading the files doesn’t need a Degoo account to access them.

Sharing the folders/files via the “Add Degoo users”, unfortunately, doesn’t give you any higher level of control such as folder permissions.

Retrieving files

When a file is deleted in the cloud it’s moved to the “Recycle bin” which holds these files for 5 more days. That’s an alarmingly low number when compared to other cloud storage providers. It’s very important to note that Degoo provides no file versioning system. When I tried uploading a file with the same name it simply replaced it. The older version didn’t end up in the trash bin or anything of the sort, it simply disappeared. Now that is fairly scary, imagine working on a report for hours only to then accidentally overwrite it… A huge downside to Degoo.


Degoo was founded in Sweden back in 2012 but they have offices both in US and Sweden nowadays with exact server location un-identified but it’s clear they use AWS (Amazon Web Services) as stated on their “About” page. That means that the servers are most likely located in the US. Now, Sweeden sounds pretty good in terms of privacy but US is a big no-no due to the Patriot and CLOUD act.

In regards to the security of your files, Degoo uses SSL/TLS to transfer files from your device to their server where they’re encrypted using 256-bit AES. PBKDF2 is applied to all passwords before storing them and further protected by HMAC512. They claim that multiple copies of your files are stored in data centres at remote locations across the world. Do note that with the free plan, all of the files are stored in a single data centre rather than multiple ones.

Their paid plans also feature the zero-knowledge encryption with randomly generated AES-256 encryption keys. You choose a passphrase known only by you, not stored anywhere in Degoo, that’s used to encrypt and sign your uploaded files to ensure maximum security. Make sure to store this passphrase as it is impossible to retrieve your files if you forget it. Feel free to read their article on this for more technical details.

Unfortunately, Degoo doesn’t offer two-factor authentication which can leave your account open to vulnerabilities. Degoo doesn’t make it to our most secure cloud storage providers list but it comes fairly close.

Online support

Degoo Review Knowledge Base

Their FAQ base has quite a few answers on how to do certain actions though much of it is outdated due to the various changes they did to their software over the years (specifically the desktop client). You can post a public question directly in that base or try contacting them via e-mail. The reason why I say “try” is due to their infamous reputation for not responding to e-mails and inquiries. The e-mails simply get lost somewhere in the process or get a response after months. In any case, Degoo does a very poor job at providing support to their users – and this goes for those that paid for this service as well.

Additional features

Mobile Application

Degoo Review App 1
Degoo Review App 2
Degoo Review App 3

The Degoo app is available for Android and iOS users. The app is what makes up for most of the cloud storage/backup features this service offers. They even ship it as standard equipment with Samsung phones. The free version is once again limited as you can’t do manual uploads but it is possible to enable automatic photo uploads. The chat also serves as a sharing option with people that also own a Degoo app. It’s possible to preview both Office and PDF documents from the app but it certainly took a while to open them with my iOS app. I was able to watch a video and preview images but couldn’t get the music to start playing.

The maximizer is only available in the Ultimate plan and allows you to save space on your mobile device by shrinking the size of the photos to fit on your screen and uploading the full sizes to the cloud.

They also offer the “Top Secret Folder” for all Ultimate users which enables the so-called zero-knowledge encryption that I mentioned above.


Degoo certainly holds its fair share on the market with 100.000.000+ users but that’s not that hard to get with a free 100 GB offer and a unique position by being partnered with Samsung. I see the appeal of it and the amount of storage you get for free or for a low price but the features it offers simply don’t reflect what I search for in a cloud storage. Yes, the web browser experience is fairly okay but I want to increase my productivity by having files available on my desktop and sharing them at a moments notice. There’s absolutely none of that available with Degoo not to mention that there’s no file versioning system. Reviews all over the internet also speak of how they treat their customers by not replying to any tickets.

Overall, I would avoid this service and recommend you find a better alternative.

What’s your experience with Degoo? Please share it down below. I hope I answered all your questions about Degoo within this Degoo review. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to ask them in the comments section down below and I’ll answer them shortly!

24 thoughts on “Degoo Review”

  1. I have absolutely no clue what you’re all about. I’ve been a subscriber of their lifetime storage 10TB (which I have increased to 60TB) this year with literally ZERO issues. It has not the most advanced features but surly most of. I never came across any file limit uploads and I have been able to upload single video files at around 15GB, surly generous enough if you ask me and the price is a no brainer.

    I’m all on. Excellent company and excellent web app.

  2. Upon reading the negative reviews of Degoo, I could not understand the issue. I got a great deal via StackSocial on a lifetime sub and it was working well. The amount of storage was fantastic for large video files that I needed to backup (since Zoom has limited storage space). My purchase was a 2-fer, so I gave the other sub to an organization I work with that uses Zoom a lot. Then at the end of March, while uploading many files, some files got stuck at the processsing stage and would not complete. After a couple days of rebooting and retrying, I submitted a support ticket. The next day I decided to try again and a pop-up showed that uploads were limited to 1GB in file size and that I had to upgrade to do more. First of all, it is unethical (shady is an understatement) to apply such a limit retroactively to existing customers (I can understand it for new ones), especially when it defeats the point of why I got the suscription. Second, I had the highest plan they offer: there was no way to upgrade. I submitted another ticket asking what was happening. I got a response to the first ticket that they would look into the issue (of course, the issue ended up being that it was my over 1GB files not finishing and thus were being limited without prior notice); I got a response to the second ticket that they would look into the cap, and he came back stating that was the new limit on my subscription (not even answering how I could upgrade to allow for more). So, bottom line, this service is not consumer friendly. Unless you dont really care about what you’re uploading, do NOT subscribe to them or pay them any money. The illicit way of doing business is the reason why they get 1 star.

    1. … had the same problem with the 1 GB limitation. I have 3 accounts with 10 TB each. I wrote them an got an answer, and after my second replay they fixed the issue and put the limit to 20 GB. An now I’am able to upload files with 19.8 GB, 22 GB won’t work.
      So just write and make clear that you bought without limitations, and that they should put the limit to 20 GB – hope it works for others too.

  3. Muhammad Omer Waheed

    These are scammers. I bought it subscription for 10 TB. In a month they put restrictions on the account. I can’t be upload file more than 1gb. i suggested to everyone stay away from them

  4. I’m afraid I have to add my voice to the chorus of “booo!!! Hisssss!!!!”

    Although, it sounds like I’m a bit better off than most? I only signed up for the 2TB of ‘lifetime’ storage through one of the ‘offers’… of about $40 USD a while back… (2 or 3 years?)…

    I *only* use it to store photos from my phone…. as a kind of 2nd safety…

    But yeah, it’s an absolute **NIGHTMARE** to navigate…. the folder structure… ‘everything’ about manipulating your files is ‘difficult’…. not impossible, but, just a MAJOR pain in the butt. Things hang….. if there’s a problem with your Wi-Fi connection etc…. you can’t easily edit photos that I know of on the platform. Even a simple photo rotation requires a download/upload…. I’d say it’s a bit of an ABORTION….

    But, you never know…. it ‘might’ save my bacon one day? Even a pain in the butt backup is better than no backup…. I guess?

  5. This is the worst cloud service ever . web app crashes every few hours sometimes crashing the windows as well .
    no Email support .
    Cant see how many files are uploaded per folder .
    only webapp .
    after reaching 1% of my quota I canty upload any more !

  6. I also got the same Email,

    They are definitvely SCAMMERS, and the are simply kicking out there “lifetime members”.


  7. I too started to receive Degoo copyright notices for a handful of MP3 files during August 2020. But do not even have the Degoo backup services on any of my devices. None of the MP3 files they list as ‘violations’ are on any device. And never heard of Degoo prior to August.

    Their conduct suggests some type of scam is being run against any email address they have collected (or bought).

  8. **Comically** Bad, Possibly Even Criminal
    This service is **comically** bad. Wow, just wow. Like an idiot I paid $99 for a “lifetime subscription” and 10 TB storage. I figured, well, even if they go under after 2 or 3 years, it won’t be such a bad value.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #1: They have no mechanism for downloading entire folders!!

    You have to download *one* *file* *at* *a* *time*. So the promise of 10 TB is deceptive. It is a marketing bait-and-switch, because what sort of customer cares about 10TB of storage? Answer: a customer who wants to back up an entire system with an option to restore the data in case of system failure. That’s not an option when you can only download one file at a time!

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #2: Unbelievably AWFUL Customer Support.

    On finding out about the severe limits to the download functionality, I immediately requested a refund. Degoo Customer Support refused to even answer my inquiry. The only communication I’ve received from them was a short 5 word sentence that left me with the impression that Degoo Customer Support speaks English as a second language.

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #3: Intrusive Nannying.

    When it became clear that I was stuck with the service, I decided to make the most of the large amount of memory on offer (10 TB) and upload some things of secondary importance that I can’t fit on my 2TB of Google storage, so I started uploading things like multimedia files that I have ripped from DVDs. All of a sudden, after uploading a terabyte of data, I get a message saying my account would be cancelled because I had violated “community standards” by uploading copyrighted material. No offer of a refund, just a notice that my account would be “deleted”. The real reason for the cancellation may be that they only want people who use a tiny fraction of the 10 TB they promise, so if you start uploading anything other than family pictures, anything in other words that takes up a significant amount of disc space they don’t really want your business. But the reason may even be worse, which brings me to

    SERIOUS PROBLEM #4. Signs of a Criminal Scam.

    After reading the experiences of other users, I am now a bit worried, because many others are reporting the same experience I had suggesting that Degoo is simply stealing data and then deleting accounts once they’ve harvested the data. If so, these people are criminals. AVOID DEGOO LIKE THE BUBONIC PLAGUE.

  9. Degoo is a scam!! stay away.
    it looks like they are kicking out all their “lifetime” users.
    I read about a guy that they found his wedding video (with music of course) to be violating their copyright terms.
    what a scam!
    Dont give them a cent of your money.
    your data is not safe with them.
    go figure who they are selling your data/images/videos to!
    A lawsuit is coming their way.

  10. I’m also a lifetime member. I started the upload of my files on my smartphone more than 3 months ago and the upload never reached 100% (it hangs around 65GB). Tell me how I can fill 10TB of data at this rate ???
    Anyways, last week I got a mail from them with one of my images in it.
    So, they do access my files and they can read them.
    I signed up because I was told this was a secure service and even Degoo could no read the files.

    Now I’m trying to delete everything and then cancel my account, and i don’t even care to get my money back (although that would be nice).
    Only, in Moments, after deleting, my images keep popping up again.


  11. Same here. I am also a paid lifetime member, 10 TB.
    Got a similar email from the Bot. So, I located the files (never shared them, or anything…I’ve been using Degoo to backup photos/videos I’ve created) and deleted them. I was taking my laptop on a trip and had some movies – paid – in a folder that was then backed up. In my appeal I’d indicated such and that the content has been removed.

    Result: declined!

    To be fair, I get why they’d want to avoid hosting questionable content. However, paid is paid, and lifetime is lifetime. It sounds like my experience is similar to others, as above. One strike, and you’re out. Doesn’t matter what remediation actions you take – they keep the $ and toast your account. Horrid business practice, very disappointing.

    Don’t use them. I’ll be vocal about this every chance I get. I’ve every intention to speak with my credit card company to see if there’s any chance of a refund. Degoo are jerks!

  12. Avoid this service AT ALL COSTS!!!

    I also got the “Bot” message about copyright. I appealed it stating the files they claimed to be in violation are actual backup files of physical media I own. They denied the claim saying I didn’t provide enough proof. How can I prove I own physical copies to a BOT? I have demanded contact with a real human being but I doubt that will happen. My biggest concern is WHY they are scanning your personal and private data at all? Not to mention WHAT they are doing with the information they get from scanning YOUR data.

    PLAY IT SAFE… find another service. I really fear that this organization, who apparently has few human beings working there, is in business to harvest data information for sale to others.

  13. Alan Jason Patierno

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Degoo just notified me that because I have an mp3 file on my UNSHARED account they consider to be copyright infringement- they are canceling my entire account & keeping my money! They did not offer me the option of deleting only that file either. It took me MONTHS for it to SLOWLY upload everything & now they are keeping my money & canceling my account.

    1. I got the same message from them and I’m trying to remove all my content from their servers. I’m a lifetime member too. I thought this was supposed to be high security that nobody could “SEE” my files. apparently not the case, they have a”BOT” that can read my contents on their servers. Those file are my backups of songs that I bought and paid for from Google and Amazon or are copies of my CD’s that I own.

  14. I’ve been a Degoo user for two years, bought the lifetime 10TB about 14 months ago. I got this copyright message two days ago. I appealed of course. If they don’t want people backing up copyrighted music, then why even provide the option to backup music, much less make it default to ‘yes’. Any normal person with music on their phone is going to have copyright-protected music. It’s not like everyone is content creators, nor would Degoo even want them as customers, they would use too much storage.

    Really sucks that they are booting paid users for using their service as it’s marketed.

  15. MakeDegoo BetterPlease

    frankly ridiculous, i have been user of the service from 2015, and it was so much better than now where you are asked to be a premium member to DOWNLOAD MORE THAN 1 FILE!!! (and who knows what is the maximum bandwidth of those downloads, the page simply does not tell you) it was so much better when it was a P2P hive at least you have no worries about centralized servers!; too bad about the service now, totally uninstalled it and delete it on the site (search the help, who knows if your files are actually deleted however), also unlink it from your google drive if you tied it to the service, it can read contacts too if you do it!

    thanks for this review, very honest and insightful!

  16. I dont recommend Degoo. I’ve got the same mail about copyright today. I dont see how storing files can harm someone. My files weren’t downloaded not a single time, they were backups.
    And I have a question about my privacy, if Degoo is sniffing through my files, with all the encryption and safe measures, can we really trust this company?

  17. An email from Degoo after they sniffed through my uploaded files:

    Detected copyright infringement

    I’m the Degoo Bot. I do automated work to ensure that Degoo remains safe and that everyone abides by the terms and conditions. Unfortunately I’ve detected that you’ve uploaded content which violates someone else’s copyright. This violates our terms and conditions. Therefore your account will be terminated in 2 weeks.

    If you feel I’ve done a mistake you’re welcome to submit an appeal by clicking the button below. The appeal will be reviewed by a human. Be sure to submit as much detailed information as possible, to help verify that no copyright was violated.

    All the best
    The Degoo Bot

    1. I got the same email… Guess the zero knowledge thing is a scam, also, seems like they are trying to get rid of lifetime members as they made some tasty promo offerings that they can’t/don’t want to honor. Slimey way to do business… Have a look on the web, lots of users got this email, most of them “lifetime” members…


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