6 Benefits of Continuous Data Protection

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6 Benefits of Continuous Data Protection

It is very important for us to know whether or not a particular cloud backup service provider is providing continuous data protection in its online backup system. As a matter of fact, we always want to assess whether a real-time backup option is available in the cloud backup system. This particular feature is often discussed when we are trying to uncover what this type of computer data storage system can offer.

Although it can regularly be mentioned in the reviews, some of us don’t really have a clear idea of what continuous data protection is and what are the benefits attached to it. This is the reason why in this particular article, we will discuss the 6 benefits of integrating continuous data protection feature in the best cloud backup services available.

Continuous Data Protection Benefit #1: Save a Significant Amount of Computer Data Storage Space

One of the most obvious advantages of integrating and implementing a continuous data protection system in the best online backup services is that you can save a significant amount of computer data storage space. This is made possible by the ability of the continuous data protection system to implement an incremental type of backup procedure. Additional computer data storage space will only be consumed if there are preserved changes to the document you have saved in the cloud backup system. If there is none, then there will be no additional computer data storage space that will be occupied.  Because of this, the consumption of computer data storage space will be kept at the minimum level since you only need to run only one full backup procedure on top of the incremental backups.

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Continuous Data Protection Benefit #2: Protection Against Hardware & Software Malfunction

Here, we are actually referring to computer hardware components such as the hard disk drives that are embedded in a computer system. Without a functioning hard disk drive, there will be no data that can be stored in a particular computer whether it is a desktop computer or a laptop computer. There will also be no data that can be retrieved if the installed hard disk drive on the computer has malfunctioned.

 This is the reason why you always need a backup plan when storing important data files and documents that provide valuable information to the users because at any point in time because hard disk drive malfunction could eventually happen. This type of scenario happens most of the time simply because most computer systems that we use today are SATA hard disk drives and not Solid State Drives (SSDs). If you have a continuous data protection system that alternatively stores data in servers that are in an off-site location, then the chance of implementing an efficient data recovery is feasible.

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The same case holds true when the computer’s internal operating system suddenly malfunctions instantly with no apparent reason. You must always remember that you can’t access the stored data if you can’t run the computer itself. In some cases, it might be possible to extract the data but it will be a very long and very complicated process.

You need to physically crack your computer system wide open first by unscrewing all the computer case screws and detaching the integrated hard disk drive first. Then, you need to connect the salvaged hard disk drive to another functioning computer. But before you will be able to successfully do that, you need to remove all the computer case screws in the functioning computer and plug the hard disk drive via SATA connection. After that, you have to integrate back all the screws that you previously removed. You need to do all of these things before you can run again the computer and extract the stored data in the hard disk drive.

It is easier said than done. So if I were you, I would just subscribe to the services of the best cloud backup service provider that implements a continuous data protection process for a fast and efficient data recovery process.

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You must also remember that you can’t just plug the internal hard disk drive to another computer via USB connection. The type of connection that an internal hard disk drive and an external hard disk drive have is very different. Both types of connections serve a different purpose.

Continuous Data Protection Benefit #3: Protection Against Computer Virus & Ransomware

Implementing a continuous data protection system can be an effective defence against the harmful effects of possible computer virus infection and ransomware attacks. If we study these two forms of cyber threats closely, you will see that it can cause alterations to the computer data that was previously stored in the internal hard disk drive of the computer. The computer virus if successfully injected in the computer system can destroy the data files that have been stored and can cause the operating system to malfunction as well. With a computer virus infection, the integrity of the stored data is breached and can no longer be a reliable version of the file.

On top of all of these things, ransomware can also deliver a fatal blow to the integrity of the computer data that has been previously stored. It can cause your computer data to be encrypted and unreadable. If that happens, then the copy of your data file is deemed useless.

So in order for us to prevent these particular scenarios from happening, then we should have a reliable data backup plan that ensures continuous data protection. One way we can do that is by getting the services of the best online backup service provider. With the cloud backup system’s help, you can restore the updated version of a file or data easily.

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Continuous Data Protection Benefit #4: Server Performance Is Improved Significantly

Since continuous data protection works by performing one full backup and performing incremental backups based on perceived changes in the data files, server performance is improved significantly. This is mainly due to the fact that an incremental backup uses a smaller amount of bandwidth during the backup process. It does not overload the entire network connection. This is helpful especially in the case of offices and business performing backups.

Since employees largely depend on internet connection in order to perform their day to day tasks, their regular work schedule along with their performance and productivity will not be hindered every time an incremental backup procedure is happening simultaneously. Because of this, there will be no issue with regards to work productivity because of continuous data protection. Aside from that, if the internet connection and the server connection are not overloaded, then we can be assured that all data stored and previously backed up will always be available. There will be no downtime.

Backing up files and other data types will also be faster with a continuous data protection protocol. You will not need to wait for weekends before performing a backup procedure since it almost goes unnoticed because of the minimum bandwidth it will consume during the process. 

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Continuous Data Protection Benefit #5: Client Confidence Will Increase Dramatically

Another benefit that you can get from a continuous data protection system is that it can give your business more credibility as well as increase the vote of confidence coming from your existing clients. You might be wondering how this is possible. But the thing is, being able to protect valuable data and sensitive information of customers and clients is viewed by the public as an undeniable strength. This is especially true in the case of online backup service providers in the computer data storage industry. This is the reason why service subscribers and clients are inspecting and looking out for signs of continuous data protection within cloud backup systems.

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Continuous Data Protection Benefit #6: Shareholder Confidence Will Increase Dramatically

The benefits that can be found in the continuous data protection system transcend multiple industries in terms of possible applications. The benefits are not confined to cloud backup service platforms only. There is no exclusivity. Possibilities are actually limitless with continuous data protection technology. There will be an increased vote of confidence in the management of a company if it implements continuous data protection systems and policies. It will not be vulnerable to the harmful effects of cyber threats as well as data loss from hard disk drive malfunction as well as from a possible arson. 

All of these types of data loss threats can be avoided with the use of a continuous data protection system. Important research studies and data from actual experiments of the research and development team of a specific company can preserve all the results of their effort even if the main computer where all of the data files are stored is actually malfunctioning or got burned. Aside from that, even if the paper trail of files got burned and computer hard disk drives malfunctioned, data recovery is still possible through data centers with the use of continuous data protection. This, in turn, increases the trust and confidence of investors in the company.

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