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  • Affordable price
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Cash & cryptocurrency payments are accepted
  • Kill Switch available
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • WireGuard & OpenVPN protocols are available
  • Router is supported
  • Zero-logging principle implemented
  • No bandwidth limitation


  • Weak online support

Mullvad VPN Review

Mullvad VPN is one of the leading providers of virtual private networks in the industry. It was launched in 2009 to address the needs of the people wanting to bypass geo-restrictions, wanting to remain anonymous and wanting to protect sensitive information during data transmission. The Mullvad VPN is created by Amagicom AB under the leadership of Fredrik Strömberg and Daniel Berntsson. The company is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden and continuously brings in innovation with regards to the best practices in implementing virtual private network protocols. Just 3 years ago, in March 2017, Mullvad announced that they have acquired the capability of introducing and implementing the WireGuard VPN protocol on its platform. It is considered to be a welcome development for people who are keen on using virtual private networks. To know more about the company and the virtual private network itself, we are encouraging you to read the rest of the Mullvad VPN review below.

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Pricing & Subscription Plans
Who is it for?
Ease of Use
Speed & Server Locations
Security & Privacy
Online Support
Additional Features

Pricing & Subscription Plans

Based on research, Mullvad VPN is one of the most affordable options I can choose when selecting a reliable virtual private network provider. As a matter of fact, the Mullvad VPN has introduced a very simple price structure. I don’t need to compute for a lot of service fees since the company is offering the use of their virtual private network platform at a monthly rate of €5. There will be no price discrimination for all of its service subscribers. The same features will be readily available regardless of my financial capacity and social status in life as a customer.

Money-Back Guarantee
First 30 days of subscription

There are currently no yearly plans I can avail of with Mullvad VPN. In some cases, I can pay in advance for a year but there will be no discounts if I do so. Technically there will be no difference at all if I pay monthly. The rationale for this is to actually give me the chance to change the virtual private network provider if I’m not satisfied with the service and features the virtual private network platform is giving. The company doesn’t want to lock in customers just for profit. Mullvad VPN wants to give the best service available without causing any trouble for the service subscribers just like me. The company believes that customers will remain loyal to them if the company can provide the best service available.

On top of all of these things, Mullvad VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee wherein I can get a full refund if I’m not happy with the services being offered by the virtual private network provider. However, since the subscription price is very affordable and a money-back guarantee program is available, there will be no free trial available with the Mullvad virtual private network. There will also be no lifetime plan available that is applicable for a one-time subscription payment.

Another thing I should take note is that I can pay the virtual private network service provider with hard cold cash in any currency. I can do this procedure via regular mail. However, I should remember that paying in cold cash will automatically disqualify you for the 30-day money buy-back guarantee due to strict anti-money laundering measures which the company owning the VPN service should comply to.

I can also pay via credit card, bank wire transfer, and PayPal. Aside from that, I can alternatively pay for the subscription service through Swish, a Sweden-based mobile payment system. Moreover, if I really want to secure my identity and remain completely anonymous, I can pay via sending cash through the mail or by sending payments through cryptocurrency wallets such as the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Cash crypto wallets. Paying through accepted cryptocurrencies automatically gives me a 10% discount because of the lesser administrative and processing fees, the company will be incurring. 

Mullvad VPN Review - Price & Subscription Plans 1

With the Mullvad VPN, I can connect as many devices as I want. However, I can only make 5 simultaneous connections at once. If I try connecting additional devices while the maximum capacity of 5 simultaneous connections is already being used, then the 6th device would not connect at all as the system can actually detect it. Furthermore, I should also be aware that there is currently no “refer a friend program” which could increase the length of time I can use the virtual private network service without paying a subscription fee.

Who is it for?

The Mullvad VPN is created for people who want to remain completely anonymous because of the available payment options such as cash and cryptocurrencies. The virtual private network is also being recommended for people who want to ensure maximum internet privacy.  On top of that, bypassing geo-restrictions and eliminating internet censorship are also some of the goals why a person would really want to use a virtual private network service provider such as Mullvad. 

Ease of Use

Creating an account in Mullvad VPN is very easy. I just have to follow 3 simple steps. First, I need to create an account number. This account number is automatically generated when I click on the “Generate account” menu button. I have to write it down and never lose the account number as it will be the only way for Mullvad to give me access to an account after I have paid for the subscription. Next, I have to choose what payment method I’m going to use. I don’t have to worry as the procedures needed are explained in full as you view the pages.  After paying the subscription price, I then need to download the Mullvad VPN app from the website and install the desktop client app on my computer.  

I don’t even need an e-mail address and a password to create an account in Mullvad VPN. Only an account number is needed sign-up for an account and to log-in to that specified account. If I choose to pay cash via regular mail, I need to generate a token from the website and write the token down in a piece of paper and include that when mailing my cash to the address provided by Mullvad. The desktop client also works smoothly and all of the menu options are easy to navigate. Furthermore, the system is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. It can be used in routers as well.

Mullvad VPN Review - Log-in

Ater logging into my Mullvad account using the desktop client version of the VPN provider, I can modify the following settings:

  • Launch app on start-up (enable / disable)
  • Auto-connect (enable / disable)
  • Local network sharing (enable / disable)
  • Notifications (enable / disable)
  • Monochromatic tray icon (enable / disable)
  • Beta Program (enable / disable)
Mullvad VPN Review - Ease of use 0001abcd

Other features and settings not mentioned above are explained better under the security and privacy section as well as in the additional features sectionof the Mullvad VPN Review.

Speed & Server Locations

Mullvad has lots of servers placed in various geographical regions worldwide. As a matter of fact, as of February 2020, the virtual private network service provider is proud to present to the public that the company has 559 individual servers placed in 36 different countries across the globe. Mullvad has a combination of owned and rented servers in Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova,  Netherlands, New Zealand,  Norway, Poland, Portugal Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America.

The geographical distribution of the servers is well-balanced. This means that wherever I am in the world, I can make a secure VPN connection while limiting the possibility of having a slow connection. Based on my research, Mullvad is silent about possible bandwidth limitations. However, it is safe to say that there is no bandwidth limitation at all.

To know more about the comparison of the internet speeds and latency with and without a VPN connection, take a look at the table down below which shows the server speed tests I conducted.

The first test was conducted from Slovenia, Europe using the automatic tunneling mode.

Server locationPing [ms]Download [Mbps]Upload [Mbps]
No VPN (Slovenia)6197.335.87
Hong Kong20168.535.57

The second speed test was conducted from the Philippines, Southeast Asia.

Server locationPing [ms]Download [Mbps]Upload [Mbps]
No VPN (Phillippines)333.780.35
Hong Kong713.610.26
Japan (Tokyo)1321.840.20
USA (New York)2593.030.30
UAE (Dubai)4263.420.30
UK (London)3061.130.28
Canada (Montreal)3213.500.26
Australia (Sydney)3032.560.26

The speed results are okay-ish overall with 66% of the speed provided by ISP reached from Slovenia. I would expect Mullvad VPN to perform better though especially with some of the huge locations such as the USA. The ping results were also reaching the sky which is not a good sign.

Security & Privacy

Mullvad VPN actually masks my true IP address. As a matter of fact, what will appear is the IP address designated in each of the servers running under the Mullvad VPN system. This means that whenever I change my location, the current IP address will change too.

In order to establish a VPN connection using Mullvad, I need to click the “Secure My Connection” button found in the graphic user interface of Mullvad VPN. After clicking that, the VPN connection will initiate.

Mullvad VPN Review - Security 0001abc

In order to change the server location, I need to click the “Switch Location” button right on top of the “Secure My Connection / Disconnect” button in the graphic user interface of Mullvad VPN. If I haven’t connected yet to a VPN server, the same button will appear as a server location menu option. Once I click that, the list of available Mullvad VPN servers will appear. Once I selected and clicked on one of the available server locations, the VPN connection will immediately initiate.

Mullvad VPN Review - Security 0002abc

Mullvad is silent regarding the number of IP addresses that can be used. There is also no option to create private IP addresses on my own using the desktop client of the VPN provider. This means that I can assume that there are at least 559 different IP addresses that can be used with Mullvad VPN. I should not worry about the limit of IP addresses available as these are being used by lots of people. This means that it is impossible for someone to pinpoint the identity or the true location of people using the same IP address for a period of time.

Mullvad VPN Review - 0002

Currently speaking, the Mullvad VPN system implements a 256-bit key AES encryption system that has never been beaten by hackers and supercomputers in theory and in practice. Aside from that, Mullvad implements a zero-logging principle very strictly. As a matter of fact, the VPN service does not log traffic, does not log the actual IP address, does not log DNS requests, does not log activities done while using the service, and does not log connections including time stamps. Mullvad VPN does not store any data at all. On top of that, this best VPN service provider also complies with the provisions stated in the GDPR.

The only thing that could affect my privacy is through subscription payments using 3rd party service providers such as PayPal, credit card companies, banks, and Swish. Mullvad does not control the information storage policies of these companies.

Mullvad VPN allows both OpenVPN and WireGuard tunnelling protocols. Under the OpenVPN option, I can actually choose whether I want to use the TCP transport protocol or the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) transport protocol.

Mullvad VPN Review - Settings 2


Mullvad can bypass geo-restrictions and VPN blockers set forth by the Netflix US video streaming service. In fact, in just 5 seconds, the video I selected played smoothly and without any interruption. I haven’t noticed any video buffering in between as the US VPN servers of Mullvad VPN are fast and efficient. I haven’t seen nor experienced any technical difficulty at all. I can also easily bypass geo-restrictions and VPN blockers set forth by the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Online Support

Mullvad has its own frequently asked questions (FAQs) page and user manual. However, online customer support is very weak since it only has an e-mail support system that operates in business hours in Sweden’s time zone. There are no other means of contacting customer support staff aside from sending a message at

Mullvad VPN Review - Online Support

Additional Features

Mullvad VPN has an internet kill switch, bridge mode, IPV6 leak protection, and mobile apps.

Bridge Connection

I have the authority to switch on and off the bridge connections. This feature allows me to activate the multi-hop VPN feature. Every time I use this feature, I can assign an entry point from one of the VPN servers and an exit point from one of the VPN servers. This means that may internet connection is encrypted twice.

Mullvad VPN Review - Settings 3

Internet Kill Switch

Mullvad VPN has a kill switch mode which I can easily activate. Once I use it, I will not be able to browse the internet without using one of the VPN servers of Mullvad. If my VPN connection is suddenly disconnected, access to the internet is ultimately blocked as well.

Mullvad VPN Review - Additional Features

IPV6 Leak Protection

On top of that, I have the option to enable or disable the IPV6 communication protocol over a virtual private network tunnel. This means that I can protect myself against possible IPV6 leaks if I disable the IPV6 connection.

Mobile Applications

Mullvad VPN has mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. This means that every time I connect to public Wi-Fi using my mobile phone, my internet privacy is still protected and my internet is encrypted.


Mullvad VPN is a good virtual private network service provider that can give me my much-needed internet privacy. Mullvad VPN actually masks my true I.P. address whenever connected to one of its VPN servers. Whenever I change the VPN server location, the current I.P. address will change too in order to spoof my location. Mullvad VPN system implements a 256-bit key AES encryption system that has never been beaten by hackers and supercomputers in theory and in practice. Because of these things, I can enjoy anonymous web browsing while having a strong data encryption while doing web surfing.

All of the advanced features such as the internet kill switch, bridge mode, IPV6 leak protection, and mobile apps work well based on my experience. The server speed tests I conducted also revealed that the VPN servers are relatively fast and efficient. The internet connection also does not slow down much even when connected to the Mullvad VPN. However, there are locations where I’ve experienced slower upload and download speeds than usual.

I can easily bypass geo-restrictions and VPN blockers set forth by Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. In fact, when I tested it, I haven’t noticed any video buffering in between as the US VPN servers of Mullvad VPN are fast and efficient. I haven’t seen nor experienced any technical difficulty at all.

Online customer support needs to be improved as to the versatility of methods which customers can connect with the online customer support team. However, Mullvad VPN is certainly one of the best virtual private networks I can easily use. I recommend using it.  

I hope I answered all your questions within this Mullvad Review. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below!

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