Dropbox Paper App Has Been Released For iOS And Android Users.

Dropbox Paper app is now available for iOS and Android users for free.

You will require iOS 8.1+ or Android 4.4+ to use the application.

Dropbox Paper helps teams work together on docs and files. Any updates, changes, or feedback you give will all be synced with your docs.

DropBox Paper Application Released

Dropbox paper

App features:
  • Stay up to date on the go – It allows you to work with your team wherever you are. Comments, shares and mentions all appear in one organized list.
  • Post and reply to comments – Add, view and reply to comments.
  • Edit and create docs – Change your docs on your mobile.
  • Share your docs – Share or give access to even more people.

Recent reviews:

Yesss! So happy to finally have this app. I use paper on my desktop, and have always wanted to access my docs on my phone. Well designed and fast app that perfectly does the job! by malvern7

This app makes it easy to create and share docs with your team. Love the clean UI!!! by Bl1nk03

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