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$2.99/month 2000 GB

Pricing & Plans


Ease of Use


File Syncing


File Sharing


Retrieving Files






Additional Features



  • Up to 200 GB free lifetime cloud storage
  • Affordable subscription plans


  • No 256-bit AES encryption
  • No client-side encryption
  • No file sharing capabilities
  • No file versioning system & trash bin
  • Desktop client version doesn't work
  • Cloud storage platform has too many bugs and issues
  • Online customer support system is very limited
  • No additional features
  • Vulnerable to PATRIOT Act & CLOUD Act

Blomp Review

Blomp is one of the newest cloud storage providers that have been introduced to the public in the data storage industry. As a matter of fact, this cloud storage platform has been first heard 2 years ago in 2018. Based on the data and records that I have found, this cloud storage system has been designed and developed in the United States of America. Upon further research, I also have confirmed that there are now currently more than 102,000 people in this planet who have become aware of the presence of the Blomp cloud storage platform and use it on a day-to-day basis. You will know more about all of these things once you read the full Blomp Review I have prepared below.

From the solid user base alone, it is estimated that there are now more than 12 million files that have been actively stored in the cloud storage platform. From that number alone, the cloud storage service provider also claims that the files stored in the cloud have been accessed more than 1 million times already. This further proves that files that have been kept on the Blomp cloud storage platform can really be retrieved without any problem.

Since Blomp is relatively new to the cloud storage industry, nothing much is known about its features and capabilities. This is the reason why I have to personally test this cloud storage platform in order to see whether or not it is worthy of your attention.

Read the entire Blomp Review below if you are interested to know more about my recent discoveries about this cloud storage provider.

Blomp Alternatives

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pCloud is a great cloud service that takes pride in offering the highest protection available (client-side encryption included) with amazing syncing solutions. It was also the first cloud storage to introduce innovative LIFETIME plans. It is easy to use and is one of the best cloud storage solutions on the market. 10 GB of free storage.

$4.99/month 500 GB

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Read review is a Canadian cloud storage that utilizes the Zero-knowledge principle. It offers unparalleled privacy and security (via client-side encryption) with great syncing, sharing and file retrieving solutions. 5 GB of free storage.

$8/month 2000 GB

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Icedrive is a UK cloud storage with a main focus on the security of your files. They achieve that with Twofish client-side encryption which certainly raises a few eyebrows. A slick-looking minimalistic design combined with great mobile apps and interesting LIFETIME plans makes them an interesting choice! 10 GB of free storage.

€4.99/month 1000 GB

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Cubbit is a distrubited cloud storage platform which relies on Cubbit Cells all around the world hosted by ordinary users. It takes pride in zero-knowledge privacy alongside taking the quest of reducing CO2 emissions by having no data centres. Definitely a service worth checking out! 1 GB of free storage.

$419 - 1TB Cell

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MEGA offers a secure cloud storage with client-side encryption. It has a modern/responsive interface. The online support is limited and down/upload speeds could be better. 15 GB of free storage.

€4.99/month 400 GB

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Pricing & Plans
Who is it for?
Ease of use
File syncing
File sharing
Retrieving files
Online support
Additional features

Pricing & Plans

Based on my research, I have found out that Blomp has a very simple pricing structure for all of its subscription plans. As a matter of fact, all of the subscription plans need to be regularly paid every single month. Quarterly and annual subscription plans are not available. The only difference is the amount of cloud storage space that I will be able to get upon purchasing a subscription plan. The higher the price of the monthly subscription plans, the higher the cloud storage space will be.

Check the price table that I have created below in order to know more about the price structure of the subscription plans of Blomp cloud storage.

20 GB
Per Month
250 GB
Per Month
2 TB
Per Month
10 TB
Per Month

Aside from the paid subscription plans of Blomp cloud storage, I was also able to find out that I can also open a lifetime free cloud storage account. In this option I will be able to get 20 GB worth of free cloud storage space. I can also invite people to sign up for a free Blomp cloud storage account in order for me to get additional 20 GB cloud storage space. The referral system currently allows me to get as much as 180 GB cloud storage space from 9 people signing for a Blomp account.

Who is it for?

If you just want to get a free cloud storage space without the need for so many advanced features, then Blomp cloud storage may be best for you. The 200 GB free cloud storage space should be enough for your basic data storage needs.

Ease of use

It is quite hard to sign up for a Blomp cloud storage account. First and foremost, to choose one of the subscription plans that are displayed in the main webpage of Blomp’s website. After that, I need to click the “Sign Up” menu button corresponding the subscription plan chosen. It will then redirect me to a page where the registration form will appear. Then I need to type a valid e-mail address and select a password which will be used in order to register for an account with this particular cloud storage service provider.

Blomp Review - Ease of Use 00012

However, I also need to type my name as well as create a support forum username before the registration procedure can proceed. I also need to check the box allocated for the consent on the provisions of the “Terms & Conditions.” This makes the registration procedure quite complicated. I need to click the “Register” button and then verify my account through e-mail.  I encountered a few bugs too during the registration process.

Blomp Review - Ease Of Use 000013

 In order to access the web user interface, I just need to type my e-mail address and password and then click the “Log-in” button. The downloadable installer files of the desktop client version of Blomp cloud storage is available both in the dashboard of my account and in the main webpage of Blomp’s website. On top of that, I found out that there are desktop client versions for Windows, Mac, as well as Linux.

Blomp Review - Ease of Use 1

File previews & edits

It is very unfortunate that I can’t actually preview document files as well as pictures and videos using the web user interface of Blomp. I can’t also edit document files which is really not a good sign.

File syncing

Since the desktop client version of Blomp has too many bugs and too many issues, it can’t be used in order to sync files from your local computer to the cloud. As a matter of fact, I can’t even open the desktop client version of Blomp for Windows. This is the reason why I resorted to uploading files and folders to the cloud using its web user interface.

Uploading files and folders using the web user interface of Blomp cloud storage platform is relatively easy. All I have to do is access the feature through the “My Files” menu option in the dashboard of the web user interface of the cloud storage platform. Then I just need to click the “Upload Files” button so that I will be redirected to a page where the upload box can be accessed. After that, I just need to immediately drag and drop a specific file or a specific folder in the box provided so that the upload process will start automatically.

Blomp Review - File Syncing 1

Clicking the upload box is another process that I can use as an alternative to the “drag and drop” method. Once I do that, the existing files and folders on your computer will appear on the screen and then I just need to select which one I’m going to actually upload. I also found out that there is a 5 GB upload file size limit for this cloud storage platform. However, you can have as many file chunks as you want which makes the upload file size limit virtually unlimited. On top of that, I have discovered that Blomp has no imaginary drive system available on its cloud storage platform.

File sharing

I’m really quite disappointed upon knowing that Blomp cloud storage has no file sharing capabilities. This means that work collaboration through file sharing would definitely be impossible using this cloud storage provider.

Retrieving files

Retrieving files stored on the cloud is relatively easy. All I have to do is to actually click the download button that can be found on the right side of a particular file stored on the cloud. It is actually not surprising to also learn that I can only download individual files from the cloud. There is currently no option as of this moment that will allow me to download an entire folder using the web user interface of Blomp cloud storage.

On top of that, I recently discovered that Blomp lacks additional features that can usually be found in reliable cloud storage systems. In fact, Blomp has no file versioning system. It also does not have a trash bin.

Blomp Review - File Retrieval


In terms of privacy and security measures, Blomp cloud storage has actually greatly failed. This is primarily because it does not have 256-bit AES encryption. The developers of the cloud storage platform are very silent with regards to the type of data encryption used. It also does not possess a client-side encryption. On top of that, the privacy policy page of Blomp literally admits that it shares information about its customers and service subscribers to 3rd parties. Moreover, since Blomp is created in the United States of America, the cloud storage system is very susceptible to security vulnerabilities posed by the CLOUD Act as well as the PATRIOT Act.

Online support

The online customer support system of Blomp is quite limited. It does not have user manuals and does not have troubleshooting guides. It also does not have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Aside from that, there is no live chat support nor phone support system available. However, I found out that it has a forum page but the content is still quite limited.

Blomp Review - Support 1

 Moreover, I can just send an e-mail to as part of the customer support system. I can also contact a forum administrator by filling the contact support form.

Blomp Review - Support 2

Additional features

I regret to inform you that there are no additional features available for the Blomp cloud storage platform aside from the mobile application programs for both Android and iOS.

Mobile Application

Blomp Review - Mobile 1
Blomp Review - Mobile 2


Blomp cloud storage lacks a lot of feature present in a reliable cloud storage provider. My privacy and information security are also at risk because of the absence of 256-bit AES encryption. It also does not have file sharing capabilities. The customer support system is also very limited. On top of that, the desktop client version of Blomp is not working and has too many bugs that needs to be fixed. I definitely would not recommend Blomp as a cloud storage provider. Finding an alternative cloud storage would be my course of action.

We hope you found our Blomp review useful. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to ask them in the comments section down below and I’ll answer them shortly!

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