hubiC Review


$1.00/month 100 GB

Pricing & Plans


Ease of Use


File Syncing


File Sharing


Retrieving Files






Additional Features



  • Up to 50 GB of free storage
  • Cheap 10 TB plan
  • No file size limit
  • Decent mobile apps


  • Slow down/upload speeds
  • Fishy refund policy & no support
  • Very basic sharing options
  • Support limited to the forum and FAQ base
  • No versioning system
  • No trash bin
  • Bad syncing solution
  • No local encryption

hubiC Review

Is hubiC a scam? Well, I think they are the only ones that can answer that. Actually, scrap that. A bunch of other angry costumers can respond to that question for them. hubiC is a cloud storage that offers you insane amounts of storage for ridiculously low prices, but you most always look at the wider picture which is what I did within this hubiC review.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: hubiC has suspended new registrations which means you can’t use it anymore if you’re a new user. To find an alternative check our Best Cloud Storage Providers list. To learn more about the event check

Their sync and sharing tools are very basic and slow. The security of your files is questionable, and they offer limited support. The only positive thing I could draw out of their service is the application for smartphones, which I must admit is well made.

Read the full hubiC review down below.

hubiC Alternatives

#ServiceRatingDescriptionPaid PlanGo To


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pCloud is a great cloud service that takes pride in offering the highest protection available (client-side encryption included) with amazing syncing solutions. It was also the first cloud storage to introduce innovative LIFETIME plans. It is easy to use and is one of the best cloud storage solutions on the market. 10 GB of free storage.

$4.99/month 500 GB

Go to pCloud

Read review is a Canadian cloud storage that utilizes the Zero-knowledge principle. It offers unparalleled privacy and security (via client-side encryption) with great syncing, sharing and file retrieving solutions. 5 GB of free storage.

$8/month 2000 GB

Go to


Read review
Icedrive is a UK cloud storage with a main focus on the security of your files. They achieve that with Twofish client-side encryption which certainly raises a few eyebrows. A slick-looking minimalistic design combined with great mobile apps and interesting LIFETIME plans makes them an interesting choice! 10 GB of free storage.

€4.99/month 1000 GB

Go to Icedrive


Read review
Cubbit is a distrubited cloud storage platform which relies on Cubbit Cells all around the world hosted by ordinary users. It takes pride in zero-knowledge privacy alongside taking the quest of reducing CO2 emissions by having no data centres. Definitely a service worth checking out! 1 GB of free storage.

$419 - 1TB Cell

Go To Cubbit


Read review
MEGA offers a secure cloud storage with client-side encryption. It has a modern/responsive interface. The online support is limited and down/upload speeds could be better. 15 GB of free storage.

€4.99/month 400 GB

Go to MEGA

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Pricing & Plans
Who is it for ?
Ease of use
File syncing
File sharing
Retrieving files
Online support
Additional features

hubiC Features

Pricing & Plans
Free storage 25 GB
Free trial
Lifetime plans
Payment methodsCredit card
Ease of use
Open in-browser
Edit in-browser
Mobile apps Android, iOS, Windows
File syncing
Supported systems Windows, macOS, Linux
Imaginary drive 
An imaginary drive allows you to access all of the files that are in the cloud directly from your desktop via an application without taking up local storage space.
Sync folder 
A sync folder allows you to access all of the files that are in the cloud directly from your desktop via an application. Since it synchronises the files to the device, it takes up local storage space.
Block-level file sync
Selective sync 
Selective sync allows you to choose which folders that are located in the cloud should and shouldn't be synchronised to your device.
Sync any folder 
The sync any folder feature allows you to choose any local folder and synchronise it to the cloud without any further actions.
File sharing
Share download links
Link password protection
Link expiration dates
Link branding
Link download limits
Link stats
Share upload links
Share folders
Set folder permissions
Retrieving files
File versioning system
Trash bin
Rewind feature 
The rewind feature allows you to go back in time and inspect your cloud storage as it was in that moment. This enables easy retrieval of files in various scenarios such as malware infection.
Server location EU
HIPAA Compliance
Encryption protocol Unknown
At-rest encryption
In-transit encryption
Client-side encryption
Zero-knowledge privacy
Two-factor authentication
Online support
FAQ base
E-mail support
Live chat support
Phone support

Pricing & Plans

At first glance, hubiC cloud storage seems to be very generous with its storage. It almost seems too good, but you must always look at the wider picture when picking cloud storage. Apart from that, the prices are far too kind, and we’ll find out why’s that later on in the review.

hubiC FreeFree25 GB
hubiC 100 GB€1.00 / month

€10.00 / year

100 GB
hubiC 10 TB€5.00 / month

€50.00 / year

10 TB

You can also increase your storage to 50 GB for free by inviting five friends, gaining 5 GB per each one. You either give them your referral code, or you invite them through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. hubiC certainly belongs amongst the cheap cloud storage providers but it’s still not worth the money due to the poor features.

Who is it for ?

Despite the fact that you can get 10 TB of storage for a ridiculous price, I would advise you not to use this cloud storage. I would seriously recommend you to spend some more money monthly to get better cloud storage. It will spare you a lot of grey hair and nerves in the long run. There are far better alternatives on the market which you can find here.

Ease of use

For some reason I had some issues with registering on their website, an error popped up, and the whole process was just slow. Well, it might have been a one-time event, but I still feel obligated to mention that in the review.

In general, hubiC cloud storage uses the basic file system which works fine with little to no delays. The uploading feature seems a bit rusty and not as responsive as you would want it to be. Apart from that it’s easy to use and won’t be an issue, not even for a non-experienced user.

hubiC Review interface

You can also switch the language of the whole interface to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Polish, Lithuanian, German, Dutch or Finnish language.

File previews & edits

hubiC doesn”t support the option to preview or edit any type of PDF or Office documents. Music, videos and image previews/streaming are also out the window.

File syncing

hubiC cloud application is available to you on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The application creates a sync folder to which you then store your files – Like in many other cloud storages.

I am not impressed by this feature, simply because it doesn’t work as it should. I’ve deleted a file on the website which then never got deleted in my desktop application.

The upload and download speeds aren’t that bad however they could have been much better. Their servers are set up in France so that might influence the rate as well. The maximum download speed was 1.5 MB/s and 0.5 MB/s for the uploads. Now, let us be honest, this could be so much better, and it wasn’t my internet that was throttling the connection. You would think that you’re going to get better speeds since you live on the same continent, but that’s obviously not the case with hubiC. Can’t even imagine what’s the speed in the US or Canada then.

pCloud solves this problem with very fast synchronisation that doesn’t even take up space on your computerpCloud Review.

hubiC Review sync

hubiC doesn’t offer any cloud backup features present in the best cloud backup providers.

File sharing

hubiC cloud storage has one of the most basic sharing tools I’ve seen in a while. Like in other cloud storages you’re allowed to make a sharing link which you can then send to your friends. You only have one setting to adjust, and that is the amount of time this link will stay active(online) – For 5, 10 or 30 days. You can also cancel the link at any time. The person who receives the link doesn’t need to have a hubiC account to download the files.

hubiC Review share

Retrieving files

Now, this is where hubiC fails to provide what, I am sure, every user needs. You need a versioning system, and you definitely need a trash bin. hubiC fails to provide any of these features. If you delete a file there’s no way of retrieving it, so you’ll have to be careful whenever you’re making changes to your files.

Once again you could take a look at or which both have these features developed and at the same time provide excellent security.


hubiC is full of pages saying how they provide the best security solutions on the market. However, they fail to provide what do they do to make it so. They have an extensive post saying how they have your data stored in multiple locations, protected by dogs and butterflies and what-not but who knows if that’s true. They only write about the physical protection of your files and making sure that there’s plenty of copies. But what if there’s a breach in their system, by a hacker or an inside man? Nothing is stopping them from getting your files which I believe is a huge downside to any cloud storage.

They do use SSL to protect file transfers. However, they made no mention that your files are encrypted while on their servers and they don’t offer any local encryption.

You should look for cloud storage that offers client-side encryption or a Zero-Knowledge platform.

Online support

hubiC has a help centre which acts as an FAQ base, and they have a forum where people ask all sorts of stuff.

hubiC Review help center

I’ve done some digging through the forums and ran into some severe problems from multiple people. I’ll quote springtide9-12.01.2017:

“I think a lot of people are realising that there is no support for this product at all. I paid for 12 months upfront, and after realising it doesn’t work properly, I tried to cancel.. but no response from the support email even after many days.”

And smagier-12.01.2017:

This is sick. I bought a subscription to test the service, but I did not like. I called OVH, but they know nothing about hubiC. I wrote an email to, but no one is written off. I wrote on Twitter and told me to write an email to I give up. I have another facture to pay. I do not know what to do, or not to pay? To be sure I removed the account on hubiC.

I think it’s safe to say that something is not right with this cloud service.

Additional features

Mobile Application

You can get the application on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone systems.

The applications are well designed and offer pretty much all the features that you see on the website. You can also backup all of your images and photos to the cloud directly as you take them. All in all, it’s a useful and well-made application.

hubiC Review app
hubiC Review app2
hubiC Review app3


When you draw the line, hubiC cloud storage falls into the lower part of our Top Cloud Storage Providers list. There’s a reason why the storage is so cheap because all of the other features are just miserable. Sync, sharing, support and the trash bin, how could I forget. There’s no trash bin! If I were you, I would take a look at our Top Cloud Storage Providers list and find a better solution more suitable to your needs.

Hopefully, we’ve gone through everything that you wanted to know about hubiC within this hubiC review. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to ask them in the comments section down below and I’ll answer them shortly!

28 thoughts on “hubiC Review”

  1. OVH with its former Hubic service is a rude company that continues issuing and re-sending new invoices, and with poor people who haven’t removent payment information they get to pay money forever. The web is filled with similar experiences – cancel does not work at all however early it is used (this happened for me), cancel is disabled after “missing” a payment, the subscription renewal date is lied about so that trying to cancel after warning e-mail before renewal is impossible etc. People sometimes make the mistake and pay for a year more and find they still get new invoices after paying and cancelling – OVH is a real scammer in the original scammer meaning. There is no customer service, and even with best attempts of complaints in Twitter to Hubic and OVH and with feedback forms to OVH, there is no-one responding from anywhere.

    How could someone ever think of buying anything from OVH if they treat their former Hubic customers like this? I think with this customer services the best hope is that OVH goes bankrupt due to terrible customer service.

    Even that they prevent cancelling account in case of “unpaid invoices” (with incorrect issue dates) is illegal. Someone living in France should probably contact authorities of these practices and try to get them to stop. But currently everyone can just mark their so called invoices spam and forget about both Hubic and OVH forever. They will not ever pursue these cases since they know they don’t answer to official complaints, they have illegal practices and are basically trying to scam people.

  2. Yes. Hubic. Is. A. Scam.

    They found very nice exit strategy how to force free users to pay for quitting or to rob them.
    1. The crazy cheap offer of 10T space
    2a. The user buys it for 1 month (money -> paid). All communication switches to French.
    2b. The user buys it for 12 months (money -> paid). All communication switches to French.
    3. User tries to use the service and founds the transfer at 5GB/day speed, experience is crazy bad and use of Hubic is pointless.
    4a. After one month, the user gets emails in French only, so you don’t know what they want. If you set your credit card as payment option, you get robed, they charge you for next month. If not, they create invoice for next month… so you quit the service to avoid that problem. (-> you paid and you quit)
    4b. After one year, the user gets emails in French only, so you don’t know what they want. The best option is that user quits, the worse option is user is charged for another year and next quits to avoid loosing money. (-> you paid and you quit)

  3. Sounds like hubic is in their beginning years with a lot of loopholes to clean up. My main focus of choosing a cloud storage service is the security and accessibility. Due to the fact that they talk a big game on the security side without much proof tells me to let others test it out while the company grows, and revisit their website later on to see if they’ve improved.

    I’ll have to say your top 10 cloud storage providers is very helpful in comparing different services. Great input, thanks!

    1. Dejan Miladinović Administrator

      HubiC actually stopped accepting new members. I updated the review as well to reflect that. Let me know if you need anything!


      1. Dejan, I think the Hubic /OVH offer was good for people in EU. Storing on Amazon is like feeding straight into out beloved snooper agencies. GDPR is qt least better then what the Chinese and US/UK cloud services are offering. I accumulated actually over 5 years ago 50 GB. It is easy to access in many countries for up and downloads (backing-up / restoring certain software) if you can’t do it securely. Never have had any glitch with Hubic. Once my Laptop crashed in a “Gulag” between Mali and Western Sahara and it was easy to fix the problems I have had with a video-editor software I would be able to download from the vendors site or cloud.

  4. Hubic is OK but I switched to Deego for exact same reasons with backup. Deego gives me 600gb free storage and additional storage by watching ads.

    You can get through referrals 55gb with Hubic but that pales in comparison to what Deego offers. Yo ucan 100gb free when you sign up and you get additional 500GB through referrals so total storage 600gb. More than enough to backup whole computer. That’s not enough – you can watch ads and they give you 1gb on top for each ad you watch. This is the largest free storage I can think of and they are in Sweden.

    (The only larger free storage I can think of is some Chinese companies, but then you store the data on Chinese servers and while you may not care about that but Chinese servers are painfully slow because their infrastructure is due to cheaper electricity rates always in China behind their firewall so it slows donw downloads and particularly uploads to crawl speed.)

    So Degoo seems best alternative and largest about of free storage. If you sign up here, you get a bonus of additional 3GB storage, so total 103Gb. Then you get additional 497gb through referrals to a total of 600gb and you can get even more than that by watching ads.

    Good luck.

  5. Have used it for years and am happy. ON THE BASIS OF THE PRICE. It is ONLY 5 Euro, not 10 as it accounts for 10Tb data. You should NOT believe and use it as cloud data. It does not work well. But as backup of data you ALSO yourself have local. Try to think about what costs money and work to backup 10TB data. (3-6 USB hard drives, which need to be replaced once every 3-4 years, in addition to power). It works well as backup. Of data you rarely use. Where you have your data-like local. Nor would I use it as a company. Because it will take far too long to restore data if you need it. So use it as it is. A very large and cheap backup of data that you rarely use. For live data, I prefer dropbox, which has by far the best recovery / version protection.

  6. Hi!

    I stumbled over hubiC yesterday and almost signed. Thankfully I did some research first, so thanks for putting that article together.

    The price really seems reasonable but if the speed is crap, that I don´t worry about it. Ain´t nobody got time to wait ages for up- and downloads.

    Security concerns me as well. What is the best cloud provider for proper security in your opinion?

    Thanks, mate, have a good one!

    1. Dejan Miladinovi? Administrator

      Hello Manny,

      Everyone is tempted by the HubiC cheap prices but you have to look further when choosing a cloud storage and what it can offer you. Not only have their angry costumers posted their problems with HubiC in this comment section, I have also been contacted through email and asked for advice on how to get rid of them. They make it extremely complicated when you try to end your relationship with them. In the most recent case, the customer had to pay a yearly subscription just to close his account which I think is absurd. People get notifications that they will get billed again despite them cancelling their accounts etc. I would just avoid HubiC if I was you.

      If you would like to know more about cloud storage security and which is the best have a look at this article.


  7. Hi Dejan
    I can’t believe they don’t have a trash bin!
    Over the years, i have had to dig out a deleted file from my trash, it’s always nice to know you can get it back.
    To not offer that, is a huge turn off. The customer letters is another turn off, these comments are major red flags for me.
    Other cloud storage companies should be considered, rather than this one. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Dejan Administrator

      Hello GregS,

      I have indeed tried to find a positive line within this cloud storage, as I do with them all, but I failed miserably. This cloud storage simply isn’t good enough for the current standards that were set by other cloud storages. Have a look at my Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers 2017 to see if you can find a cloud storage that will suit your needs.


  8. I am looking for days now for a good and cheap cloud service to back up my files. The truth is that I had never heard about Hubic and it is true that their offers seem way to generous. 10 TB for 5$/month? Come on! The first thing I always do when being suspicious of a particular company I email them. If they don’t answer, if I don’t get an automated email response or they answer in bad english , I consider them a fraud. Really helpful post I will go with p-cloud.

    1. Dejan Administrator

      Hello John,

      I am afraid that’s the case. I posted some complaints of the hubiC users inside the review as well, proving that hubiC indeed lacks the support and is all-in-all fishy. If you’re still looking for a cloud storage have a look at my Best Cloud Storage 2017 list and find the one that’s best suited for you. Feel free to ask any questions.


  9. Paulo Ferreira

    Thanks for the quick reply Dejan. In February I paid € 70 for 1 year (ending February 2018) of unlimited space on Amazon Drive, which is a spectacular price compared to the new price plan ($ 479.92 for 8TB). For this amount I prefer to buy a 10 TB HDD for 425 € and join Backblaze (45 € / year).
    How can I know pCloud prices above 2 TB? Maybe there is some plan that has a good price / TB.
    While I do not decide, I’m moving everything to Minhateca, which is free and unlimited and allows me to download and upload at my maximum speed (23 MB/s download and 11 MB/s upload). The only problem is that being also a sharing site, I do not know if it will have problems with the authorities and close.

    1. Hello again,
      Just click on this link to create your own plan at pCloud. I didn’t know Amazon made such a drastic change in their plans. Interesting.
      Apart from that, I’ve never heard of Minhateca. I’ve done a quick search on Google and it looks like it’s some kind of a Brazilian service? How exactly does it work if I may get a moment of your time?

      1. Paulo Ferreira

        Yes, Minhateca is Brazilian and there are other clones in France, Poland and there have been one in Portugal (Abelhas). They are sites that allow you to save and share files for free. They have the drawback of deleting shared files that violate copyright. However there is a folder that has the name “Private” and whose content is not deleted since it is only available for the own user and therefore is not shared. My fear is that it will close as happened with the Portuguese clone Abelhas.

        1. But how exactly do these services survive? I mean, you need servers to be able to handle all that traffic. And somebody has to pay for those servers. Anyways, I wouldn’t put any files up there that are important to me. Doesn’t sound like a service I would rely on, but as you said if this is only temporarily I guess it works. I would try to move on to another cloud service or another solution as soon as possible.

  10. Paulo Ferreira

    Hi Dejan. Many thanks for your review. I have 8 TB on Amazon Drive and I’m going to have to switch to another Cloud service because Amazon Drive no longer has the unlimited plan. I was going to change to Hubic but after reading your review, I gave up. For me the most important things are the price, the space (minimum 10 TB), the speed of download and upload, and the possibility of having folders synchronized with the pc and other folders that are only in the cloud for not to take up space on the pc hdd . In your TOP 10 only Jottacloud and Opendrive have unlimited services, but your rating is low, so not recommended. What is the best cloud service for me?

    1. Hello Paulo,
      As you’ve mentioned yourself, Jottacloud and Opendrive indeed offer unlimited storage but have many faults within their service. Although if you read the reviews you’ll see that Jottacloud actually limits their “Unlimited plan” to about 10TB so there goes that. And I wouldn’t use Opendrive either, due to the many questionable things that I have listed as “Cons” in the review.
      I would recommend the top 2 cloud storages to anyone really. In your case that doesn’t include due to the fact that they only offer up to 2TB of storage.
      What you probably didn’t notice is that pCloud offers customizable plans with up to about 200 TB of storage. That would obviously sum up to an insane amount of money.
      But if you would, for example, go for 10TB you would pay $479.40 (20% discount included because of yearly payment) which I believe is exactly the same to what you’re paying now for 8TB at Amazon.
      In my experience pCloud has one of the best down/upload speeds when compared to other cloud storages. It also suits your requirement: pCloud basically doesn’t take up space on your computer to have it synchronised with the servers. So you will be able to have all of the folders synchronised with your computer without encumbering your HDD. You can also make certain folders available for offline usage as well. Now, this isn’t exactly what you wanted but I believe it’s even better. If you would like to see more about pCloud just check my review.
      Hopefully, this was helpful and if you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  11. Fredrik Gillving

    I strongly advice NOT to use Hubic. Tried it out and concluded that it’s not functional for back-up, as I intended it. The upload speed is way to slow for it to work and I therefore tried to suspend my account (I’ve deleted the data already uploaded and tried to cancel the account). However now Hubic keep sending me reminder e-mails (about once every 14 days) about an unsettled account of €52,09 (of course sent from a no-reply address) and it is not possible to cancel the account without paying the bill they keep sending me emails about. I’ve tried to find any way to contact them but there’s none, and even though they threat to cancel my account and losing my stored data (there is none) if I don’t pay up they don’t (I’d be happy if they did). Just stay away from this cheap shit service!

  12. Hey Dejan great review. It is hard trust something that you can not see. Many cloud storages lack infrastructure to protect your files.

    This is an education for me and a lot of other people looking to move their files and photos to cloud storage. What are some of the things that should stick out to me when looking for a good cloud storage?

    I know you mention support and that is a big + for me. When something goes wrong I want to be able to contact them asap.

    What would be a reasonable storage space for personal use and how much should I spend?

    1. Dejan Administrator

      Hello there,

      I agree with you. Before you blindly trust a cloud storage you should always research that particular cloud storage or at least get a second opinion. I try to provide just that.

      If you’re looking for a new cloud storage here’s a list of things that you should pay attention to:

      How’s their protection? – The best protection that you can get nowadays is client-side encryption based on a Zero-Knowledge privacy. Sync and pCloud are one of the cloud storages that offer that. If you want to know more about client-side encryption or zero-knowledge privacy just click on the links.

      Pricing & Plans – You should obviously look for cloud service providers that balance the quality and the prices of their plans. Don’t rush into something just because it’s very cheap – There must be a reason for that.

      Features – Always check what a cloud service offers. They all have similar basic system, however, each of them is a bit different in what they offer. I would suggest going through different reviews here and find the one you like.

      Support – As you’ve mentioned, the more support they offer, the better.

      For your last question: It really depends. If you need the cloud storage to save some documents perhaps 20 GB will be enough. If you need it to save your entire photo collection then you should probably search for a 1-2TB plan. I would suggest you either go with pCloud or Sync – They both offer free programs and affordable quality payable plans.

      Hopefully that was helpful and thank you for stopping by.


  13. I am really happy I came across this review as I was really attracted to their cloud storage for it’s cheap price and the fact that it was available as mobile apps as well! Luckily I saw this and now realise their speeds are really not acceptable!

    I was wondering if you could point me to the direction of a better cloud storage solution? I am looking for one that is fast and reliable, has min 10TB, file sharing possibilities and is available for Android and Linux.

    1. Dejan Administrator

      Hello there,

      I would forward you towards pCloud. It has fast down/upload speeds with outstanding security, available on Linux and Android. You can also customise your own plan with up to 200 TB of storage. Hopefully that answers your question.


  14. Despite their large offering of 50 GB free space, This may be the worst service I read about in a long time. With no way of retrieving deleted or previous versioning, they really can’t touch the competition. Speeds are concerning as well. Not sure how their business model was a good one for investors.

    Thanks for the review!

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